Today, we’re going to be giving you guys our honest review on the new 2021 Tesla Model 3. Thank you so much for everyone that watched our car reveal. It’s doing so good, and since it’s been like two months of ownership, we want to give you guys our pros and cons to owning a Tesla Model 3, and giving you guys an in-depth review of what we love about it and what we hate about it. If you’re new to Tesla and you’re looking to purchase a vehicle, it is an expensive vehicle and you don’t want to spend your money on something you’re not familiar with. So I hope that we can help you guys make that determination on today’s video. So if you guys like all this info, please is click the like button and subscribe to our channel.

All right, guys, let’s talk about some of the pros. So this car, we got in the pearl white with the white seats. And every day we drive it, I always get out and look back at it every time, it still looks so amazing. I can’t get over how good the car looks. I know it’s everywhere and everyone has it already, but when you buy a new car, you want to have that reassurance feeling of like, darn, that’s a nice car. So I really get that customer satisfaction with the way it looks. So that’s definitely one pro. It definitely has like the cool factor and not in a braggy way or like a douchey way. It’s just people appreciate you appreciating the vehicle. For being a small size sedan, or I don’t know if it’s a compact car or sedan, it’s very spacious. It has a lot of capacity. As you see, this car doesn’t have an engine. I have a front trunk, they call it the frunk.

People laugh, but we actually use the frunk a lot. It actually comes in handy when we’re doing like takeout orders, or gym bag. Just small things that we don’t want to move in the back of the trunk, because the trunk is spacious, I’ll show you that next. This is definitely a bonus, definitely a pro. The 2021 Model 3 that I showed you in the car reveal, it does have an automatic lift gate. A lot of people ask about this carbon fiber spoiler. I got on Amazon, I promise I will link it in this video. I don’t know if it’s still available, but if is I’ll link it. So automatic lift gate, which is beautiful when you have groceries and you want to just get in real quick. Sorry, the trunk is a little dirty right now, but this is a very, very spacious trunk. My favorite part about the trunk is that it has a secret compartment.

I have all my hoop gear in it. I got a basketball, full size backpack, shoes, a shoe box. All is hidden, you don’t even know that’s there. This car can handle a lot of cargo and it’s so small, but yet so big. Another pro that I really enjoy that makes my day to day very easy, is it’s a keyless car. So when I say keyless, I mean, I don’t even carry keys. It comes with a debit card looking type of thing, but since I have the Tesla app, you can link everything to your phone. Everything that I could do is controlled on my phone. So if I walk up and this car, the car is locked by the way, the mirror is already tucked. I just simply just go like this, it knows I’m here. Get right in, I could drive off, no keys. The same thing with leaving the car. Car’s in park, no keys, close the door, walk away, watch it lock. Just like that, you have a keyless car [laughs].

People forget to lock their car, they forget their key. You got to have your phone. So make sure you have your phone on you, but everyone’s good at that. Because I work at five in the morning, I’m just so tired and still fusing, trying to get to work on time. But the thing that makes it so easy is I just walk into my car and just put it in drive and it goes. So I really appreciate that. Some people might not like the keyless, but I love the keyless. All right guys, let’s talk about how it drives [laughs], because it drives so, so good. I never had a car this good in handling. It like hugs the road when you drive it. This is the standard range plus, it’s technically the base model. Apparently it goes like 060 in about five seconds. You get a little g-force pull. It’s pretty fun. Oh there was a sick m-flow right there.

So look how fast, like I just went 75 like no problem. When you’re driving this in everyday traffic, it’s so freaking fast, it’s so fun. Another pro I really like is the regenerative breaking, autopilot and the cruise control. So with the regenerative breaking, it breaks for you once you let go of the gas. So I’m coming up to the stop and I let go of the gas and the car slows down on its own. Beautiful. You could time your stops perfectly. It makes driving so much easier as far as like, oh, I don’t have to hold the brake at red lights. I don’t have to hold the brake at fast food drive-throughs. You know what I mean? It’s so dope how the car literally just stops for you. It really does make a difference when you’re driving. With the autopilot, there’s not, like it’s pretty much self-explanatory. The car will drive itself.

It’s so crazy that it can turn, break and go while you’re like just chilling. We use it through traffic mostly because no one like driving through the traffic. I don’t want to get too much into detail with it because that’ll be for a separate video, but just know that it’s definitely one of the pros of driving this vehicle and owning it. You’re going to really enjoy those features while you’re behind the wheel.

Valerie: All right. So another thing that we really love about the Tesla Model 3, is the driver profile. So you go ahead and go to this top right corner and then you click on the name. You can create your own account, and if you’re sharing this car with your spouse or just a friend, but I’m pretty sure you’re most likely sharing it with like your spouse. Me and Matt have really different settings, as in like chairs, the way we sit. Matt sits more laid back and I sit more like forward. Since our seating is different, our side mirrors are really different too. So when you create an account, it’s going to adjust everything to the driver or whoever’s driving.

Matt: So right now I’m super snugged to the wheel, and obviously it’s not the way I want to drive. I simply click on my profile and the chair goes the way I like it, as well as the mirrors.

Valerie: It makes it so much easier. There’s been so many times where I’m in a rush and then it’s under Matt’s settings, and then I just go ahead and go here, bam, click and I’m ready to drive. It’s so quick and easy and I feel like it’s just so convenient. So that’s one really good thing that we love about this car. So one really good thing about this car is the lighting [laughs]. I’m just kidding, I’m totally joking. So one really small pro that we love about this car, it’s something really small, but then it makes a huge difference and it’s very convenient. So you know when you’re on your phone and you’re kind of like chilling and then you decide to get off your phone. You put it on the cup area and then the driver makes a hard turn and it just falls in that awkward area, like right here?

So one good thing about this is that I don’t have to dig under or pull my seat back. I can just be like, “Oh my phone fell,” and here it is. It just rolls right to the back and it’s so easy to grab, just like that. It’s convenient.

Matt: This car has a crazy infotainment center. It’s so convenient for everyday life. Because a lot of people use their phones for GPS, music. You shouldn’t be texting and driving, so I’m not going to say that. But you would think that this screen is a distraction to you while you’re driving, but honestly it makes it so much easier. It shows you where you’re going, it shows what music you’re playing. You can even call people through the Bluetooth command button. So it makes driving safer. You don’t have to look down at your phone to a small screen because you have a giant phone literally right next to the wheel. Also the features on the infotainment centers are crazy.

[car sounds]

Matt: So when you’re driving, everyone can hear this. Like what car can play Netflix, Hulu and YouTube and arcade games. It also has customizable features including the horn, so check it out.

[car sounds]

Matt: So we have like the DJ honk horn. Every time we honk at someone or I honk at loved ones, it’s like, oh, what the hell? I have breaks at work, and I go outside and come in my car, and on my 15 minute break, I watch YouTube videos on my screen. I know it’s like, it’s hella unnecessary, you have your cell phone. Just being able to just relax on your break and click on a YouTube video is hella dope. If you guys are in your car a lot and you want something to do, you have plenty to do in this car. These seats are so comfortable. Got to be one of the most comfortable seats we ever sat in, and I really mean that. We took multiple road trips, our butts and backs did not hurt. The passenger can knock you out at any moment. If you guys are looking for comfortable seats, this is definitely A plus, hands down.

The seats are so soft and comfy. I don’t even know how to describe it. It’s not leather, but it’s not like cotton. It’s like a marshmallow. I don’t know. It’s so comfortable. We’ll see how summer is, it’s been winter here, because we had leather seats in the BMW and it actually was sticky. So I hope that in the summertime it’s not as sticky, but we’ll see. If you get the 2021 model, it comes with a dual wireless charge pad. All you have to do is always just set your phone and boom, and it charges. So convenient, because every time you get in your car you want to charge your phone. And just that little bit of juice that you don’t even realize goes a long ways. And this is a really fast charging pad. This car has so much security, it’s amazing. It has full dash cam while you’re driving as well as century mode.

So century mode basically is when your car is parked and you want it to be recording 360 because you don’t know what happens when you’re at home or if you’re in unfamiliar territory. It has a bunch of cameras all around the vehicle and it’s going to get every angle on camera. So that’s really dope. I really like how safe it is. I could trust that you’re not going to rob or break into my car because they’re going to get caught straight on camera. Another pro when it comes to having the app, is that you can access the car before you even get to the car. If it’s really hot outside or really cold outside, you can set the climate at whatever desired temperature you want, let the car warm up or cool down before entering it. It’s so dope.

That’s such a cool feature because no one wants to get into a freaking hot car, you’re sweating, and no one wants to get into a very cold car. It has heated seats. Very good heating, very good AC. That’s definitely another bonus. Last but not least, the main thing that separates a Tesla from a normal vehicle, the charging versus gas. I haven’t been to a gas station two months, which is crazy to say. The difference is, I don’t know about anyone else’s situation. In our situation particularly, we have a free charging station at our apartment complex. Not everyone has that, you know, it is different for a lot of people, but for us we get free energy, like that’s so clean. When we bought the car, they gave us a promotion one year free supercharge. So it was like cherry on top.

I don’t know if they do that deal with everyone, everyone has a different situation. We got free year charging with the Tesla super chargers, as well as where we currently live in our primer station, it has free charging. I’m saving at least a hundred bucks a month on gas and efficiency. But when I do have to start paying for the supercharging, it’s not that expensive. I calculated, it’s about eight bucks on a full charge. Check out my referral link on the description below, you get a free thousand miles, I get a free thousand supercharge miles if you guys use my link to buy your own Tesla. With that being said, it brings us to our first con. So there’s not much to complain about with this vehicle, but if I’m being honest and what a lot of people need to know is that this battery dies so freaking fast.

I mean that in the most like, I don’t want to admit it, but honestly you have to treat the car like it’s a phone. You use your phone every day, you have to plug it in and charge it. If you don’t have the proper resources to connect your car to A, a Tesla supercharging station, or B your home or just a EV station, it might be kind of difficult to own this vehicle. Really think about your living situation. Do you commute to work, do you drive 30,000 miles a year or do you drive 10,000 miles a year? Because that’s all going to factor into how much the car needs to be charged. We charge about three times a week and we’re on a very conservative driving range. We don’t get out much, but when we do, we do have to plug in a lot. We live about 35 minutes away from LA. Say we get a full charge in, and a full charge is about roughly 80 to 90%.

It never recommends to do a hundred percent, but if we start at 90%, run around LA and back, we’ll be at home at like 25 to 30%. That kind of sucks, because we have the standard range. If I’m being honest, it’s not that good. We have a Toyota Corolla that gets 350 miles on a full tank. That thing’s a beast. It will go to Las Vegas and back with one tank. This car, no go. It will not make it. If I knew that going into it, I would opt to try to save a little bit more money to get the long range. Please save your money and try to get a long range version. Not only will you get a faster car, you’ll get more estimated range. Tesla says that this car gets 263 range on a full charge. That’s complete BS. I think we get about 200 or 210. That’s if you’re driving with speed limit, not blasting AC, radio. I don’t know, it just dies really fast, we don’t get it. With all that being said, I wouldn’t trade it in still. I love the car. It’s just that it’s very annoying and it’s not as advertised.

Valerie: We drive to North Cal pretty often to go visit my family. Usually when we take my Toyota Corolla, it takes just one full tank and we’re already there. It takes four hours to get there. Then with this, it takes us honestly seven to eight hours [laughs].

Matt: No.

Valerie: Yeah, it does. Okay, it takes like six to seven hours.

Matt: Six.

Valerie: Okay, six to seven hours.

Matt: To 10.

Valerie: Almost every trip that we’ve taken, we take at least two to three stops. And when we charge, it takes about 35, depending on how much percentage we want it to be at, it takes about 35 to 45 minutes. So that kills a lot of road trip time, just time in general on the road.

Matt: If you have a set range and you plan your trip, the car’s going to tell you, “Hey, do not go faster than this or you’re going to have no battery.” So our main stop is Harris Ranch. It says it’s about, takes 40 minutes to charge it back up to 90%. From here, we’re going to go all the way to the Bay, it’s going to be another two hours. As far as this road trip goes, yes, it is totally different than a gas vehicle. You can’t just go fast and like get the gallons per mile and then stop at any gas station. There is a lot of charging stations along the way, so it does make me feel more secure, like, oh my God, what if I do we run out of energy? There’s plenty of chargers, it’s just takes a little bit more time. A full charge is “263 miles” quote-unquote. That doesn’t mean 263 miles of, per gallon. It runs differently. So I’m happy with it, it’s just that it does take a little bit longer.

Valerie: It’s definitely not meant for road trips. Had to invest in the dual motor, please. Please. All right guys, so that is it to this pro and cons video of the Tesla Model 3. I know that we didn’t explain too much like the infotainment center, autopilot, but we just really feel like that’s meant for a separate video on itself because it’s just too much information that we can’t really squeeze into this video. So stay tuned for more Tesla videos.

Matt: We wanted to do a quick pro and cons tips to first time Tesla buyers, if you guys are interested in buying a Tesla. We highlighted some of the main points that we really liked about it, and we talked about what we really didn’t like about it. A lot of it, it just has to do with the range and what Tesla estimates it to be, and I think that’s very misleading. We don’t regret it one bit, we love it. It’s very safe, it has a lot of good features. It’s really fun, it’s super cool and it is a lot of money, so make sure you make the right decision before purchasing it. But we have no regrets, we honestly will give this car a 10 out of 10. It’s just that the range is the only thing that kills it for us.