8.5% Of BMW USA Sales Electric In 4th Quarter

The electric car revolution is here, and BMW USA is leading the charge. In the fourth quarter of 2020, 8.5% of all BMW USA sales were electric vehicles—a trend that’s indicative of a larger shift towards green transportation. This is an impressive feat for BMW, especially given the fact that electric cars still make up only a tiny fraction of total car sales across the US. But with more incentives for EV purchases and improved battery technology, it’s clear that EVs are becoming increasingly popular with consumers. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at what this milestone means for the future of electric cars in the US and how BMW’s success could be mirrored by other automakers.

The percentage of BMW USA sales that were electric in the 4th quarter

In the fourth quarter of 2020, BMW USA sales were 3.6% electric. This is up from 2.6% in the third quarter and 0.9% in the second quarter. The percentage of electric BMW USA sales has been increasing steadily since the beginning of 2020.

The different types of electric BMWs

There are three different types of electric BMWs: the i3, the i8, and the Active.

The i3 is an all-electric car with a range of around 100 miles. It has a simple and clean design, and is very efficient.

The i8 is a plug-in hybrid electric car. It has a range of around 300 miles, and can go from 0 to 60 mph in under 4 seconds. It’s a very high-performance car.

The Active is an electric car that was lease-only. It was based on the 1 Series platform, and had a range of around 100 miles.

How BMW is preparing for the future of electric cars

BMW Electric cars

As we know, the future of automotive is electric. And BMW is getting ready for this future. The company has announced that it will be launching 12 all-electric cars by 2025. This is part of BMW’s strategy to have 25% of its global sales be electric cars by 2025.

To achieve this goal, BMW is investing heavily in electric vehicle technology. The company is working on developing better batteries, improving charging infrastructure, and expanding its production capacity for electric vehicles.

BMW is also working on making its existing models more efficient. For example, the new BMW i3 has a range of up to 200 miles on a single charge. And the company is working on making its other models more efficient as well.

Overall, BMW is making a big push into the world of electric vehicles. And it’s clear that the company is serious about making electric cars a big part of its future.