Volvo Car USA just announced the hiring of a new head of design: Tommaso Volpe. With over a decade of experience in automotive engineering and design, Volpe is set to take Volvo Car USA’s design team into a new era. Drawing inspiration from aerospace, furniture, and other industries, Tommaso is expected to bring a fresh perspective to the iconic Swedish brand. By championing sustainability and innovation with each project he takes on, his designs are sure to redefine the status quo for Volvo cars. In this article, we explore what makes Tommaso Volpe stand out from other automotive designers, as well as his vision for the future of Volvo car design.

Volvo appoints new head of design

Volvo Car USA has announced the appointment of a new head of design, who will be charged with overseeing the development of the brand’s future products. The new head of design, Simon Cox, comes from a background in aerospace engineering and product design.

Cox has said that he wants to bring a “futuristic” and “innovative” approach to Volvo’s design language, inspired by his experience in the aerospace industry. In particular, Cox intends to focus on making Volvo’s cars more aerodynamic and efficient.

Cox has also said that he wants to draw inspiration from other industries when it comes to designing Volvo’s cars. He cites furniture design as one area where he feels Volvo could learn from other brands.

This appointment is part of a broader effort by Volvo to rejuvenate its image and appeal to a younger generation of customers. The company has been investing heavily in new product development in recent years, and Cox’s appointment is seen as a continuation of that strategy.

How Volvo’s new head of design is shaking things up

In his new role as head of design for Volvo Car USA, Henrik Fisker is shaking things up. Drawing inspiration from aerospace and furniture design, he’s bringing a fresh perspective to the automaker.

Fisker’s background is in product design, and he’s applied that knowledge to his work at Volvo. He’s helped create a new family of vehicles that includes the all-new XC90 SUV and the upcoming S60 sedan. His goal is to make Volvo cars more emotional and exciting to drive, while still keeping their trademark Swedish sensibility.

So far, Fisker’s designs have been well-received by both critics and consumers. And with more new models on the way, it seems like Volvo is finally ready to take on its German rivals in the luxury market.

What the new head of design is bringing to Volvo

When you think of Volvo, you might not think of the cutting-edge design. But that’s exactly what the brand’s new head of design, Thomas Ingenlath, is looking to change.

Ingenlath was previously the senior vice president of design at Volkswagen Group, and he’s bringing his experience from the automotive world and beyond to Volvo. “I’m inspired by anything that moves,” Ingenlath said in an interview with Automotive News. “Whether it’s an airplane or a piece of furniture.”

One of Ingenlath’s first tasks at Volvo is to oversee the redesign of the XC90 SUV. And it seems like he’s off to a good start: The concept version of the XC90 was revealed earlier this year to much fanfare, and it’s been praised for its sleek, modern look.

It’s clear that Ingenlath has a vision for Volvo’s future – and it includes making the brand known for its stylish cars. With any luck, we’ll see more groundbreaking designs from Volvo in the years to come.