General Motors (GM) is reportedly considering producing an electric pickup truck with a price point of less than $30,000. GM recently showed off a prototype of the vehicle to automotive media outlets and analysts, hoping to gauge interest in the project. The all-electric pickup would be similar in size to the Chevrolet Colorado, but much more efficient and powerful. GM executives have stated that their goal is to make an electric pickup truck that is affordable for everyday consumers while also delivering superior performance and cutting-edge technology. Read on to learn more about this exciting new project from GM!

GM’s plans for a small electric pickup

GM is working on plans for a small electric pickup truck that would cost less than $20,000. The automaker showed a prototype of the vehicle to media outlets this week and said it is still in the early stages of development.

The pickup would be about the size of GM’s Chevrolet Sonic subcompact car and would be built on the same platform. It would have a range of about 200 miles per charge and could be recharged in about 30 minutes using a fast-charging system.

GM is targeting the vehicle at urban buyers who need a smaller truck for hauling cargo or running errands. The company believes there is potential for the pickup to be used as a delivery vehicle in cities.

The prototype shown to media outlets had a boxy design with suicide doors and no rearview mirrors. It’s unclear if that is the final design or if GM is still experimenting with different looks for the truck.

The automaker has not said when it plans to launch the pickup, but it is likely several years away from production.

The prototype of the electric pickup

1. The prototype of the electric pickup is still in development, but GM has shown it to the media.

2. The current prototype is a small, four-wheeled electric vehicle with a bed in the back.

3. GM is currently working on the powertrain for the electric pickup, which will be all-wheel drive.

4. The company is also considering a lower price point for the electric pickup, which could make it more affordable for a wider range of customers.

5. GM is hoping to have the electric pickup ready for production by 2021.

The price point of the electric pickup

The price point of the electric pickup is an important consideration for General Motors as it looks to enter the market with its new small electric pickup. The company is said to be targeting a price point of around $30,000 for the truck, which would make it significantly cheaper than its main rivals.

GM is reportedly aiming to produce the truck at a cost of around $15,000 per unit, which would allow it to sell the pickup at a significant discount to its competitors. The company is hoping that this will help it gain a foothold in the electric pickup market, which is currently dominated by Tesla.

If GM can meet its target price point, it would be a major coup for the company and could help it secure a place in the growing electric vehicle market.