The partnership between BYD and UzAuto was announced in September 2018 and will see the two companies work together to produce plug-in vehicles in Uzbekistan. The agreement will see BYD provide technology and engineering support to UzAuto, who will manufacture the vehicles.

The move is part of a wider push by the Uzbek government to encourage the production of electric vehicles, with a target of having 1 million such vehicles on the country’s roads by 2030. The partnership between BYD and UzAuto is seen as a key part of this plan.

The first fruits of the partnership are expected to be seen in 2020, when BYD and UzAuto plan to jointly launch a new plug-in hybrid vehicle. This will be followed by a fully electric vehicle in 2021.

The agreement between BYD and UzAuto is just one example of the Chinese company’s expanding presence in Central Asia. In recent years, BYD has also partnered with Kazakhstan’s largest car manufacturer, Saryarka Automotive Plant, to produce electric buses.

The Benefits of the Partnership

The partnership between BYD and UzAuto will result in the production of plug-in vehicles in Uzbekistan. This will provide many benefits to both companies as well as the country itself.

BYD is a world leader in electric vehicle technology, and this partnership will allow them to share their knowledge and experience with UzAuto. The two companies will work together to develop a local supply chain for electric vehicles, which will create jobs and boost the economy.

UzAuto is the largest car manufacturer in Uzbekistan, and this partnership will help them to modernize their production methods. They will also be able to benefit from BYD’s research and development capabilities.

The production of electric vehicles in Uzbekistan will reduce dependence on imported oil, and help to protect the environment. It is estimated that the switch to electric vehicles could save the country up to $1 billion per year in fuel costs.