Ferrari recently announced plans to release its first all-electric supercar in 2025. As exciting as that is, it also raises a lot of questions. Chief among them: how will an electric Ferrari sound? Ferrari fans may be relieved to learn that the Italian carmaker is looking into potentially utilizing the same technology used by the Dodge Fratzonic – a sound generator designed to give electric cars a more traditional engine roar. In this blog post, we explore this technology and what it could mean for future Ferrari EVs.

What is the Ferrari EVs?

Ferrari EVs could have Dodge Fratzonic exhaust-like sound generator. This would use a speaker system to create the noise that an electric car typically makes, which is much quieter than a gas car. It’s unclear if this is something that Ferrari is actually considering, or if it’s just an idea that someone at the company had.

What is the Dodge Fratzonic?

The Dodge Fratzonic is a sound generator that creates an exhaust-like noise to make Ferrari EVs sound more like traditional gas-powered cars. The device, which is about the size of a smartphone, attaches to the back of the car and uses sensors to detect when the car is accelerating or decelerating. It then produces a noise that is similar to a car engine revving up or down.

How do the two compare?

As electric vehicles become more and more prevalent, carmakers are having to find new ways to differentiate their EVs from the competition. One way that Ferrari is looking to set its EVs apart is with an exhaust-like sound generator that will give them a unique sound.

The sound generator, which has been christened the “Ferrari Fratzonic Exhaust-Like Sound Generator”, is designed to produce a noise that is similar to that of a traditional internal combustion engine. This should help to make the EVs more appealing to buyers who are used to the sounds of gasoline-powered cars.

Ferrari isn’t the only company working on this technology. Dodge has also developed an exhaust-like sound generator for its EVs. However, there are some key differences between the two systems.

For starters, the Ferrari system is much more compact than the Dodge system. This is due in part to the fact that it uses an array of speakers instead of a single speaker like the Dodge system.

The Ferrari system also produces a wider range of sounds than the Dodge system. This allows drivers to choose from a variety of different engine noises, depending on their mood or preference.

In terms of price, the Ferrari system is significantly more expensive than the Dodge system. However, given the added functionality and unique sound that it offers, many buyers may feel that it is worth the extra cost.