Volkswagen has officially announced plans to launch an electric SUV that could shake up the automotive world as we know it. Dubbed “ID Ruggdzz,” the body-on-frame electric SUV is rumored to have a range of over 200 km and can be recharged in just 15 minutes. The ID Ruggdzz will be powered by an advanced battery technology that utilizes three different types of cell chemistry, giving it a longer range and faster charging capability than traditional EVs. In addition, it is expected to feature cutting-edge safety features such as autonomous emergency braking and lane departure warning system. In this article, we explore what Volkswagen has planned for the ID Ruggdzz and why it could revolutionize the electric vehicle industry.

What is the Volkswagen ID Ruggdzz?

The Volkswagen ID Ruggdzz is a body-on-frame electric SUV that could happen. The ID Ruggdzz would be based on the same platform as the Volkswagen Tiguan and share its powertrain with the all-electric Volkswagen ID Buzz Cargo van. The ID Ruggdzz would have a range of up to 250 miles and a top speed of 87 mph.

Why a Body-On-Frame SUV?

Volkswagen’s ID Ruggdzz body-on-frame electric SUV could happen for a number of reasons. First, a body-on-frame SUV provides more ruggedness and durability than a unibody SUV. This is especially important for an electric SUV, which will be heavier than its gasoline-powered counterpart due to the battery pack. Second, a body-on-frame construction allows for a lower center of gravity, which improves handling and stability. Third, a body-on-frame SUV can be easily modified for towing and off-road use, something that is difficult to do with a unibody design. fourth, with the recent advances in battery technology, an electric SUV with a body-on-frame design could have a range of over 300 miles on a single charge. Finally, Volkswagen already has experience with body-on-frame SUVs, so they would be able to quickly bring an electric version to market.

Electric Powertrain

Volkswagen’s ID Ruggdzz electric SUV could happen, and it could have an electric powertrain. The German automaker is reportedly considering the idea of an all-electric body-on-frame SUV, which would be a first for the company.

If VW does decide to go ahead with the ID Ruggdzz, it will likely be based on the MEB platform that underpins the ID 3 and ID 4. This architecture is designed specifically for electric vehicles, so it should be able to accommodate a large battery pack and powerful motors.

The ID Ruggdzz would likely have a range of around 300 miles (480 km) on a single charge, making it ideal for long road trips. It would also be quick off the line, thanks to its instant torque delivery. All-wheel drive would probably be standard, as well.

Of course, whether or not the ID Ruggdzz comes to fruition remains to be seen. But if VW does decide to build it, we could see it on roads as early as 2022.

Autonomous driving

The Volkswagen ID Ruggdzz is a electric SUV that could be released as early as 2025. The ID Ruggdzz would be based on the MEB platform and would have a body-on-frame design. It would be powered by two electric motors, one at the front and one at the rear, that would produce a combined output of 320 horsepower. The ID Ruggdzz would have a range of approximately 310 miles on a single charge. It would also feature autonomous driving capabilities, allowing it to drive itself in certain conditions.