The automotive industry is undergoing a massive transformation, with electric vehicles (EVs) slowly taking over the market. The advantages of EVs—including higher fuel efficiency and lower emissions—are impossible to ignore, and many automakers are investing heavily in this new technology. Suzuki, the Japanese automaker, is one such company that has thrown its hat into the ring. Today, it revealed plans for an ambitious concept electric car lineup, including an electric Jimny by 2030. Read on to find out more about Suzuki’s upcoming EVs and what they could mean for the future of mobility!

Suzuki Teases New EVs

In a recent interview with Automotive News, Suzuki Motor Corporation president Osamu Suzuki teased the company’s upcoming electric vehicles. When pressed for details, Suzuki said that the company is planning to launch several new EVs in the next few years, including an electric version of the popular Jimny SUV.

While Suzuki didn’t give any specifics about the range or performance of the new EVs, he did say that they would be competitive with other electric cars on the market. The company is reportedly already testing prototypes of the electric Jimny, and it could be launched as early as 2020.

This is welcome news for fans of Suzuki’s off-road vehicles, as the Jimny has long been a favorite among off-roaders and adventurers. An electric version would no doubt be even more popular, especially if it can live up to Suzuki’s promise of being a capable and affordable EV.

Electric Jimny Here By 2030

Some Suzuki vehicles may be getting electric powertrains as soon as 2030.

In a recent interview, Suzuki Executive Vice President Shunsuke Kobayashi teased that the automaker is working on electric versions of some of its existing models. When asked if any of these EVs would be coming to market within the next 10 years, Kobayashi said that some could be ready as soon as 2030.

This is in line with Suzuki’s recently announced goal of having 30% of its global sales come from electrified vehicles by 2030. While Kobayashi didn’t specify which models might get the electric treatment, it’s possible that we could see an electric version of the Jimny off-roader at some point in the next decade.

Given the small size of the Jimny, an electric powertrain could be a good fit for this model. An electric Jimny would likely have a shorter range than some other EVs on the market, but it would still offer buyers an interesting and capable alternative to gas-powered models.

Why Suzuki is Betting on EVs

As the world increasingly turns to electrification, Suzuki is betting that electric vehicles (EVs) will be a big part of its future. The Japanese automaker has already announced plans to bring an all-electric version of its popular Jimny SUV to market by 2022.

Now, in a recent presentation, Suzuki has teased a few more EVs that it has in the works. According to the slides, Suzuki is planning to launch an all-electric compact car and an all-electric compact SUV in the next few years.

While details are still scarce at this point, it’s clear that Suzuki is serious about EVs and sees them as a key part of its future. With rising demand for EVs around the world, it’s a smart move by Suzuki to focus on this growing market segment.