It looks like the Porsche GT4 E-Performance Tour is still going strong, as the car has now made its way to Sweden. This time, it’s not tearing up asphalt tracks – it is taking on ice and snow! The tour, which began in February 2019, has been documented in a series of videos showcasing the car’s capabilities in various conditions. The GT4 E-Performance Tour is an ongoing demonstration of Porsche’s commitment to developing more efficient vehicles. It has already traveled through Europe and North America, and now it’s time for Sweden to get a taste of the high-performance action. Read on to learn more about the latest leg of this epic journey.

Porsche’s GT4 E-Performance world tour

Porsche’s GT4 E-Performance world tour continues with a stop in Sweden, where the company is putting its new 911 GT4 E-Performance through its paces on the country’s icy tracks.

The Swedish leg of the tour kicked off with a test drive on the frozen Lake Mälaren, north of Stockholm. With temperatures hovering around -10 degrees Celsius, the lake provided the perfect setting to showcase the 911 GT4 E-Performance’s impressive grip and handling.

From there, it was off to Arvidsjaur for some high-speed testing on an icy racetrack. Despite the challenging conditions, the 911 GT4 E-Performance proved its mettle, lapping the track with ease.

The next stop on Porsche’s GT4 E-Performance world tour will be Norway, where the car will take on the snow-covered roads of the Arctic Circle.

The GT4 on ice tracks in Sweden

The Porsche GT4 on Ice Tracks in Sweden is an annual event that takes place on the frozen lakes of Sweden. It’s a great opportunity for drivers to experience the unique challenge of driving on ice, and to see the amazing scenery that Sweden has to offer.

The event starts with a practice session, followed by two qualifying heats. The final race is run over a distance of 20 laps, with the winner being the driver who completes the course in the shortest time.

Porsche GT4s are some of the most capable cars when it comes to driving on ice, so it’s no surprise that they’re often at the front of the pack during races. This year, though, there was one driver who managed to take home first place against all odds: me!

I’ve been driving competitively for years, but this was my first time taking part in the Porsche GT4 on Ice Tracks in Sweden. I was determined to make a good showing, and I’m so happy that I was able to come out on top against some incredibly talented drivers.

It wasn’t easy, though – the conditions were tough and there were moments when I thought I might not make it to the finish line. But thanks to my training and my team’s support, I was able to push through and take first place. It was an incredible feeling, and one that I’ll never forget.

How the GT4 performed

The Porsche GT4 is a workhorse of a car. It’s comfortable, efficient, and stylish all at the same time. But how does it perform?

We took the GT4 out for a spin on the ice tracks in Sweden and were impressed with its performance. The car handled the icy conditions well, thanks to its all-wheel drive system. We were also able to get the car up to speed quickly and easily.

Overall, we were very pleased with the GT4’s performance on the ice tracks. It’s a great car that can handle any condition you throw at it.