Tesla’s US website has long been criticized for not displaying the purchase price of its vehicles up front, which has made it difficult to compare prices with other automakers. The company recently changed that, and now Tesla’s US website shows the actual purchase price of each vehicle right on the product page. This move is sure to make comparisons much easier and more transparent for potential customers. In this blog post, we examine how Tesla’s US website finally shows the actual purchase price up front and what it means for customers and the industry as a whole.

Tesla’s new US website

Tesla’s new US website is finally showing the actual purchase price up front. This is a huge relief for potential customers who have been waiting for this information. The site now shows the full price of the car, including any available federal and state incentives.

This is great news for Tesla shoppers in the United States! We no longer have to guess at the true cost of a Tesla vehicle. Now we can see exactly how much it will cost, before tax credits and other incentives are applied.

We encourage all potential Tesla customers to explore the new US website. It’s much easier to use and provides a wealth of information that was previously hidden behind a paywall. If you’re considering a Tesla, this is the best place to start your research.

The actual purchase price

If you’ve been following Tesla closely, you know that the company has been working hard to streamline its online sales process.

One of the main goals of this effort has been to make it easier for customers to see the actual purchase price of Tesla vehicles up front, without having to calculate potential savings from gas, tax credits, and other factors.

Today, Tesla finally achieved this goal on its US website. Now, when you select a vehicle and configure it to your liking, the final purchase price is displayed prominently at the top of the page—no more guessing or estimating required.

This is a big win for transparency and customer satisfaction, and it’s yet another example of Tesla leading the way in online car sales. We expect other automakers will soon follow suit.

How this affects customers

Tesla’s new purchase process is a relief for customers who have been frustrated by the company’s former policy of hiding the actual price of its cars. Now, customers can see the total price of their vehicle, including taxes and fees, up front. This makes it much easier to compare Tesla’s prices with other automakers.

The change is also good news for Tesla itself. The company has been criticized for its lack of transparency, and this move should help to improve its reputation. In addition, by being more upfront about pricing, Tesla may be able to avoid some of the legal troubles it has encountered in the past.