Tesla’s potential entry into the German market, Genesis USA’s new electric vehicle pricing, and Hyundai’s latest prices for their SUVs are all part of the top electric vehicle (EV) news today. Plus, Ola Electric Mobility is shaking up the Indian market with their new fleet and charging infrastructure. In this post, we will take a look at each of these stories and more to get you up to date on the latest EV news. We’ll also delve into what it all means for the future of electric vehicles around the world. Read on to find out what’s been happening in the world of EVs!

Tesla Germany to get new Gigafactory

Tesla Germany is set to get a new Gigafactory, which will be located in the German state of Brandenburg. The factory will produce batteries and cars for the European market. Tesla has not yet announced when production will begin, but it is expected to be sometime in 2020.

This news comes as Tesla prepares to launch its first Gigafactory in China, which is currently under construction. Tesla has said that the Chinese factory will have the capacity to produce 500,000 cars per year.

The announcement of a new Gigafactory in Germany is good news for the country’s economy. Brandenburg’s Minister of Economics, Ralf Christoffers, said that the factory will create thousands of jobs. He also said that Tesla’s investment is a vote of confidence in Brandenburg’s economy.

The news of Tesla’s new Gigafactory comes as the company’s stock price continues to rise. Tesla’s stock price has more than doubled since December of last year, and it is now worth more than $50 billion.

Genesis USA reveals electric SUV

Electric vehicles are slowly but surely gaining traction all over the world. This is evident in the recent news coming out of Tesla, Genesis, and Hyundai.

Tesla announced that it will be opening its first factory in Germany. The move is a significant one as it cements Tesla’s position as a major player in the European market for electric vehicles.

Meanwhile, Genesis USA revealed its plans for an electric SUV. The SUV is said to have a range of about 250 miles and will be able to charge from empty to full in just under an hour.

Hyundai also announced pricing for its new line of electric vehicles. The Hyundai Ioniq Electric will start at $30,335 while the Hyundai Kona Electric will start at $37,495.

Last but not least, Indian ride-sharing company Ola announced that it will be adding 10,000 electric vehicles to its fleet by 2020. This is a huge commitment that will help further increase the adoption of electric vehicles in India.

Hyundai pricing for electric vehicles

Hyundai has released pricing information for its electric vehicles (EVs), which will go on sale in South Korea later this year. The company will offer two EVs: the Ioniq Electric and the Kona Electric. The Ioniq Electric will have a base price of 33.6 million won (about $30,500), while the Kona Electric will start at 38.8 million won (about $35,000). Both prices are before government subsidies, which could lower the cost by up to 2.5 million won (about $2,300).

Hyundai is also working on a new EV platform that will be used for future models. The company has not released any details about this platform, but it is expected to debut sometime in 2019.