Tesla reported record deliveries for the first quarter of 2023 with 422,875 electric vehicles.

As it is with Tesla, there are always layers to the story. Here are the key numbers from the Tesla first quarter deliveries:

  • Total deliveries Q1 2023: 422,875
  • Total production Q1 2023: 440,808

Deliveries are the closest approximation of sales disclosed by Tesla and are not broken out by individual model or region.

Tesla curt prices early in the year to boost demand after fourth-quarter deliveries disappointed investors. Tesla also had the added benefit of renewed eligible for the federal electric vehicle incentive of $7.500. The incentive was renewed under the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.

Tesla deliveries grew 4% from the previous quarter and were 36% higher than a year ago.

“Sequential growth continues even in the first quarter,” Martin Viecha, Tesla’s head of investor relations, said in a tweet.

Tesla numbers broken out by vehicle:

  • Delivered 6% more of  Model 3/Model Y vehicles than in the previous quarter
  • Deliveries 38% less of the more expensive Model X/Model S

The company makes the Model S, X, 3 and Y models in Fremont, California. Its Shanghai factory produces the Model 3 and Y. Tesla also makes the Model Y at its plants in Austin and Berlin. Tesla plans to roll out the much anticipated Cybertruck in 2030.