If Rivian has a presence in your area, you’re in luck. Rivian, an electric vehicle maker which received a $1 billion investment from Jeff Bezos in 2022, has announced that if you live near one of its service centers, you can have a Rivian R1T delivered in less than two weeks.

Customers living close to a service center will be given access to Rivian’s R1 Shop. The R1 Shop allows customers to browse and select from ready-to-go configurations that can be delivered within 14 days or less. However, custom orders will take longer.

Click this link to see if there’s a Rivian service center in your area: https://rivian.com/support/article/where-are-rivian-service-centers-located


A Promising Future

The R1T is Rivian’s electric pickup truck. It’s been gaining popularity for its impressive performance and range. If you want to do off-road driving with your electric vehicle, the R1T is one of the best options on the market thanks to its quad-motor all-wheel drive system. Also, the R1T considerably outperformed Ford’s electric pickup truck (the F-150 Lightning) in an April 2023 range test conducted by Tom Moloughney of insideevs.com.

Despite a challenging quarter for many electric vehicle start-ups, Rivian remained strong. It produced almost 9,400 vehicles during the first three months of 2023. Rivian is on course to reach its 2023 production goal, unlike the vast majority of other electric vehicle makers.

Although the 14-day delivery window only applies to a limited area, it’s still an impressive achievement. It takes at least 1–2 months for Tesla, Rivian’s much larger competitor, to deliver cars to its customers. Expect to see Bezos’s investment in Rivian pay off handsomely in the years ahead.


Image source: Steve Jurvetson, CC BY 2.0 <https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0>, via Wikimedia Commons. No changes made.