The ad certainly isn’t breaking any boundaries, but it does feature a number of key selling points for the Tesla Model 3. The car is incredibly efficient, while its features are undeniably advanced – from Autopilot and self-parking technology to voice activation and even control over music streaming services like Spotify. 

The ad also highlights one of the most important aspects of buying (and owning) a Tesla: the customer service. At the end of the commercial, the Singaporean customer expresses her amazement at how helpful and “real” her experience was with Tesla’s customer care representatives. This kind of personalized attention is something that many other car companies can’t offer, and it’s a big part of what sets Tesla apart from the competition.

The commercial also drives home one other point: the affordability of electric cars has improved dramatically in recent years. The Model 3, as showcased in the ad, retails for $165,000 – a hefty sum to many people but still a fraction of what some other luxury vehicles cost. For those who want to make a statement with their car while doing their bit for the environment, the price tag makes electric vehicles more accessible than ever before.

Ultimately, this advertisement is an effective way for Tesla to reach new audiences and demonstrate why their vehicles are worth buying – no matter where you’re located or who you are. It’s a great start to Tesla’s foray into advertising, and hopefully it will be the first of many such campaigns for the company. 


It’s likely that what we’ve seen is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Tesla’s future marketing strategies. With more customers now considering electric vehicles as an option, it’ll be fascinating to see how Elon Musk and his team continue to innovate when it comes to advertising their products. Stay tuned – this could get very exciting!