Sylvan Lake, Alberta – The town of Sylvan Lake is set to embrace a greener future with the installation of eleven electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. Thanks to grant funding from the Municipal Climate Change Action Centre, this initiative aims to support the growth of electric vehicle adoption while promoting sustainability.

With a budget of $199,958, the project will see the construction and installation of charging stations across three key locations: the NexSource Centre, Centennial Park, and the library parking lot. The grant provided by the partnership of Alberta Municipalities, Rural Municipalities of Alberta, and the Government of Alberta covers the entirety of the project cost.

Trina Innes, Executive Director of Sustainability Services at Alberta Municipalities, expressed enthusiasm for the town’s proactive approach, stating, “The Electric Vehicle Charging Program is designed to help communities prepare for the growth of electric vehicle adoption while meeting sustainability goals. We are thrilled that the Town of Sylvan Lake is ensuring their community members and visitors have access to charging stations in high traffic areas. These stations will put Sylvan Lake on the electric vehicle charging map.”

Mayor Megan Hanson shares in the excitement, emphasizing the benefits of the new technology for Sylvan Lake residents. “Our community is always looking for opportunities to engage with new partners in efforts to provide fresh innovation to our residents and visitors,” she says. “This investment helps align with our goal in ensuring a greener future for Lakers of today, tomorrow, and for future generations. We look forward to Sylvan Lake embracing a new way to move their families around our community and beyond.”

The charging stations will include five Level 2 stations, each capable of charging two vehicles simultaneously. Utilizing 240 volts, these stations can fully charge an electric vehicle in approximately five to ten hours. They will be strategically located at Centennial Park, the library parking lot, and the NexSource Centre, ensuring convenient access for EV owners.

Additionally, there will be one Level 3 fast charger at the NexSource Centre. Level 3 Charging Stations employ high voltages to charge batteries swiftly, capable of topping up an EV’s battery life to 80 percent in as little as half an hour.

Construction of the Centennial Park stations began in September 2022 and is currently underway. The library parking lot and NexSource Centre charging stations are expected to be completed in spring 2023.

The introduction of these charging stations marks a significant step for Sylvan Lake in fostering sustainable transportation options and reducing carbon emissions. As the demand for electric vehicles continues to rise, the town’s investment in EV infrastructure showcases their commitment to embracing clean energy and providing a greener future for all.


By facilitating convenient and accessible charging options, Sylvan Lake is encouraging residents and visitors to join the electric vehicle movement, contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable community.