In an effort to address the growing demand for electric vehicles (EVs) in the rideshare industry, Ford has partnered with Uber to introduce a flexible lease program for Uber drivers. The collaboration aims to reduce tailpipe pollution and combat climate change while allowing Ford to increase the presence of its Mustang Mach-E electric cars on the road.

Governments worldwide have been pressuring Uber to transition more of its drivers to EVs as part of their sustainability initiatives. Simultaneously, Ford has been heavily investing in EV production, despite incurring significant losses. This joint effort aligns the interests of both companies, with Uber gaining access to a wider pool of EVs, and Ford accelerating the adoption of its electric vehicles.

The lease program, however, will initially have a limited rollout, with San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Francisco being the three cities chosen for the pilot phase. In fact, the Ford Drive program has already been launched in San Diego, where 150 EVs were leased to Uber drivers in 2022. These locations were strategically selected as they represent the largest EV market in the United States and are significant markets for EVs utilized by Uber drivers.

Notably, Uber has been operating its own EV ride-hail service in numerous cities since last year. The Comfort Electric service, which exclusively features premium EVs like Tesla, Polestar, and the Ford Mustang Mach-E, will now include Ford’s electric vehicles. This offering will complement Uber’s existing EV product, Uber Green, which provides drivers with an additional fee (typically $1) for using electric vehicles.


This collaboration marks Ford’s second major partnership announcement in recent days. Last week, the automaker revealed its decision to adopt Tesla’s EV charging standard, enabling Ford EV owners to access Tesla’s extensive and reliable charging network. This move aims to enhance the charging infrastructure for Ford’s electric vehicles and streamline the charging experience for its customers.