Honda and its luxury brand, Acura, have been relatively slow to embrace the electric vehicle (EV) revolution. However, both companies are now gearing up to enter the market, starting with popular SUV models.

During Monterey Car Week 2023, Acura unveiled its inaugural battery EV. The car is known as the ZDX.


ZDX’s base trim, called A-Spec, features a single rear motor with 340 horsepower and an estimated EPA range of 325 miles.

A higher-performance version, the ZDX Type-S, boasts dual motors with a combined output of 500 horsepower and an estimated EPA range of 288 miles. Both variants incorporate a 102 kWh battery and have a towing capacity of 3,500 pounds.

According to CleanTechnica, the A-Spec ZDX will have a starting price of approximately $60,000. While a dual motor option will be available for the A-Spec model, specific details haven’t been released except for a slightly reduced EPA range compared to the single motor version.

The ZDX Type-S is anticipated to be priced around $70,000 and will come equipped with upgraded front brakes from Brembo and air suspension.

Sales Process

Acura aims to revolutionize the car-buying experience with the introduction of an omni-channel digital sales process for all ZDX sales. This approach promises a user-friendly shopping experience. Customers can choose to make their purchase from the comfort of home or from an Acura dealership.

Pre-sale activities for the ZDX will commence later this year. Initial deliveries are scheduled for early 2024.

Emile Korkor, assistant vice president of Acura National Sales, called ZDX a significant milestone for the Acura brand. Korkor said that ZDX symbolizes Acura’s commitment to precision-crafted performance in the era of electrification.


The exterior and interior design of the ZDX was led by a team at the Acura Design Studio in Los Angeles. According to the company, the vehicle’s low and wide profile, sleek silhouette, long wheelbase, and distinctive surfacing all showcase Acura’s unwavering focus on performance from every angle.

The ZDX features an updated front fascia with Acura’s signature daytime running lights. The front fascia also includes a Diamond Pentagon grille with a three-dimensional embossed diamond pattern and illuminated surround.

Acura’s executive creative director, Dave Marek, expressed enthusiasm about Acura’s move toward an electrified future. He emphasized Acura’s commitment to innovative design and proportions, taking advantage of the styling and packaging advantages offered by EVs.

According to CNET, the Acura ZDX is approximately the same size as the Honda Pilot and Acura MDX, measuring just under 200 inches in length. However, the ZDX stands out with a 10-inch longer wheelbase and a lower roof height. This gives the ZDX a more sporty appearance.

Use of Google Software

The ZDX from Acura will be the first vehicle to incorporate Google’s built-in software. Google software will power the ZDX’s 11-inch digital instrument cluster and 11.3-inch main touchscreen.

This Android-based operating system integrates useful features like Google Maps, Google Assistant, and the Google Play Store. In addition, the ZDX offers support for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, enabling wireless connectivity.

A notable collaboration with Bang & Olufsen brings a premium audio system to the ZDX’s cabin, featuring brushed aluminum grilles and acoustic lens technology.

Charging Network

For EV drivers, Acura ensures a reliable and extensive charging network. All ZDX models can handle up to a 190 kilowatt DC charge, providing approximately 81 miles of range in just 10 minutes. Although not the fastest charging option available, it will prove sufficient for most drivers.

Through a smartphone app, Acura drivers can easily search for charging stations on nationwide DC fast charging networks. They can also pay for charging sessions.

Furthermore, the ZDX will soon gain access to a new high-speed CCS charging network. This CCS charging network is a joint venture of seven automakers, and it will launch in the US and Canada in 2024. The CCS network will expand to 30,000 charge points by 2030.

As part of the ZDX rollout, Acura is also introducing the Acura Home Electrification program. This service connects buyers with trusted local installers for home charging infrastructure setup. The Acura Home Electrification program allows customers to potentially include the cost of home charger installation in their monthly payment, offering significant convenience.

Driver Assistance Technology

The Acura ZDX electric supercar comes with AcuraWatch™, a set of driver assistive technologies that includes Rear Cross Traffic Braking and Blind Zone Steering Assist. The ZDX Type-S introduces Hands Free Cruise technology, enabling hands-free driving on long road trips.

AcuraWatch™ 360+ also features an Automatic Parking Assist system, easing the stress of parallel parking.

Acura’s Hands Free Cruise technology appears to be quite similar to General Motors’ SuperCruise system. This suggests a possible deeper collaboration between Acura and GM going forward.


The Acura ZDX electric supercar is an attractive SUV that meets the preferences of many buyers. Existing Acura customers will appreciate the ability to buy an EV from a trusted brand. The ZDX appears to offer more advantages compared to the Toyota bZ4X.

For current Acura owners who are hesitant about transitioning to an EV, the ZDX provides a familiar experience. Although Acura may have entered the electric SUV segment a bit later, it has presented a strong product.

It will be fascinating to see how customers respond to the most powerful Acura SUV ever.

Image Source: Arnold Tellez,