Tesla has introduced an updated version of the Model Y SUV in China (pictured above). The car contains notable enhancements, including an acceleration boost for the base model.

According to Tesla’s website, the base model variant of the updated Chinese Model Y can reach a speed of 62 mph (100 km/h) in 5.9 seconds. This represents a significant improvement. The previous base model available in Europe took 6.9 seconds to reach the same speed.

These modifications to the Model Y were announced on China’s WeChat shortly after the unveiling of the updated Highland Model 3 sedan. The Model Y didn’t feature as extensive of a visual makeover as the Model 3. While the Model 3  received a new front design, the Model Y largely retains its original style.

Nevertheless, the Model Y does feature some visual updates, including new black 19-inch alloy wheels with different spokes. The Model Y also features revised dashboard materials and a configurable LED light strip similar to the Highland Model 3.

Even more impressively, the price of the updated Model Y remains unchanged. The vehicle starts at 263,900 yuan ($36,200). The Long Range variant is priced at 299,900 yuan ($41,000), and the range-topping Performance variant costs 349,900 yuan ($48,000).

However, it’s important to note that it’s only the base model that features an acceleration boost. The acceleration performance of the Long Range and Performance variants remains the same as before.

The updated Model Y also features moderate driving range improvements.

The base model’s range has improved from 545 to 554 km (339 to 344 miles) as per China’s CLTC test. Meanwhile, the Long Range variant now offers 688 km (428 miles) on a single charge compared to the previous 660 km (410 miles). The Performance variant has the same range as before (554 km or 344 miles).

According to Carscoops, Tesla has not provided any information regarding the introduction of the updated Model Y in Europe or the United States. With that said, it’s unlikely that the company will limit these improvements solely to the Chinese market.

Expect that the refreshed SUV will be confirmed for Western countries later this year and become available for purchase in 2024.

Image Source: Joe Hansen, https://shorturl.at/bEV19