Spanish start-up Soleolico has announced a trailblazing wind turbine that integrates solar panels into the turbine blades.

This wind-solar system leverages a patented magnetic system to optimize energy extraction through ultra-light solar panels. In addition, the building materials used by Soleolico allow the system to remove CO2 from the atmosphere.

The system is suitable for distributed generation, transmission lines, and large-scale applications.

According to Innovation Origins, the system took a decade of research and more than €5 million to create. Thankfully, the outstanding product means that the hard work was worth it.

The system generates up to 25 percent more energy than conventional wind turbines while costing about the same to install. As a result, Soleolico’s wind-solar system is more profitable than the competition.

Another noteworthy aspect of Soleolico’s system is its flexibility. The energy can be consumed at the source or fed into the grid.

Applications in industry

Soleolico’s wind-solar system has the potential to revolutionize multiple industries due to its distinct features and capabilities. It has applications in urban renewal, agriculture, and transportation.

In urban areas, the wind-solar system’s compact design and reduced infrastructure requirements make it easy to integrate into city landscapes. This makes it an ideal solution for cities looking to develop vacant land. And since the wind-solar system is noiseless, it won’t be a nuisance to local residents.

Similarly, in agriculture, Soleolico’s wind-solar system allows farmers and rural communities to generate localized green energy. This eliminates the need for extensive infrastructure such as substations.

The wind-solar system also has exciting applications in the transport sector. It’s small enough to be incorporated into train stations and parking lots. The clean energy generated by the system can be used to charge electric vehicles.

Applications for isolated areas

The biggest winners of Soleolico’s wind-solar system are residents of isolated areas. Remote communities that lack access to traditional power sources are able to tap into reliable and clean energy.

Soleolico’s flexibility allows it to be easily installed in off-grid locations. The system provides electricity for lighting, communication systems, and essential services. With its integrated high-capacity battery, Soleolico can store energy, ensuring a continuous power supply even during periods of low wind or sunlight.

Soleolico publicly unveiled its wind-solar system at the Palacio de la Magdalena in Santander on October 6th. According to Designboom, the company has yet to announce when large-scale manufacturing of the system will begin.

Image Source: Designboom Español,