Truck and bus maker Iveco partners with BASF for EV battery recycling. This partnership aims to recycle lithium-ion batteries from the leading automotive industry player’s electric vehicles (EVs), aligning with their strategy to support a circular economy.

Iveco Group follows the 4R Framework—Repair, Refurbish, Repurpose, and Recycle—to extend battery life and minimize environmental impact. This approach aligns with the Extended Producer Responsibility policy, which holds producers responsible for their products’ lifecycle from creation to disposal.

BASF will manage the complete recycling process for Iveco’s electric vans, buses, and trucks. This process will span several European countries, including France, Germany, and the UK, involving the collection, packaging, transport, and recycling of batteries.

The top chemical company and primary chemical supplier to the automotive sector will convert these batteries into black mass, extracting essential materials like nickel, cobalt, and lithium. These materials will be repurposed to produce new batteries, creating a comprehensive EV battery recycling chain in Europe.

Angela Qu, Iveco Group’s Chief Supply Chain Officer, emphasized their commitment to sustainability and shared goals with BASF in reducing CO2 emissions. Iveco aims for net-zero carbon by 2040, and this partnership is pivotal in achieving this target.

“Life cycle thinking is one of our strategic sustainability priorities,” said Angela Qu, Chief Supply Chain Officer, Iveco Group. “BASF shares this approach with us, and its broad battery collection network and recycling capabilities in Europe will help us close the loop from end-of-life batteries to new ones. Working together we will enable a circular economy and reduce our CO2 footprint, which is fully in line with the Group’s commitment to reach net zero carbon by 2040.”

Dr. Daniel Schönfelder, President of BASF’s Catalysts division, highlighted the partnership’s role in expanding BASF’s battery recycling to the commercial vehicle sector. This collaboration will enhance BASF’s European collection network and support the EU Battery Regulation’s ambitious goals.

The agreement between Iveco Group and BASF focuses on improving battery lifecycle and reducing environmental impact. While financial details remain undisclosed, the partnership signifies both companies’ dedication to sustainable practices and adherence to global environmental standards.

Image Source: BASF Catalysts