Tesla layoffs are becoming a rising concern as the leading EV manufacturer reportedly takes steps that have led to increased fears among its employees. Amid these concerns, it’s reported that Tesla managers have been asked to identify critical positions within their teams, a move seen by many as a precursor to potential job cuts.

The situation was further exacerbated by news of leaked emails, which hinted at these possible layoffs. The emails, reportedly from Tesla’s top management, requested managers to scrutinize the roles within their respective teams and determine their necessity.

Although the content of the emails was not explicitly made public, their existence and the speculation surrounding their content have only served to heighten the anxieties of the workforce.

Adding to the unease is the recent cancellation of some employee performance reviews. Such reviews typically play a significant role in identifying underperforming employees who might be let go, further fueling speculations of impending layoffs.

Tesla’s workforce has seen significant growth, with the company reporting 140,473 employees globally in a recent regulatory filing. This number represents a substantial increase from December 2022, when the company had 127,855 workers, marking an addition of approximately 29,000 employees over the previous year.

The potential layoffs come at a time when the U.S. labor market has seen an accelerated pace of layoffs since the start of the year. This trend, combined with Tesla’s actions, has caused a wave of concern among the company’s employees, many of whom now fear for their job security.

Despite the rumors and the subsequent dip in morale among employees, Tesla’s stock surprisingly rose. Even after a downgrade, Tesla shares have shown resilience, perhaps indicative of investors’ faith in the company’s long-term strategy.

The future of Tesla’s workforce remains uncertain as the management prioritizes roles for potential layoffs. With the company’s Austin, Texas-based staff bracing for potential job cuts, it’s clear that the speculation surrounding Tesla layoffs is having a significant impact on employees.

While the rumors of layoffs could potentially be part of a broader strategy to streamline operations and ensure the company’s continued leadership in the EV market, the lack of clear communication from Tesla’s management has undoubtedly led to an atmosphere of uncertainty and apprehension.

Image Source: Teslarati