The Satin Abyss Blue Tesla Cybertruck is now available for those willing to shell out an extra $6,500. Tesla has expanded its customization options, launching three new wrap colors for its futuristic electric truck. Besides Satin Abyss Blue, customers can also select Slip Grey and Satin Rose Gold at the same price point.

According to Tesla’s official website, these premium color paint films are exclusive to the company and can be purchased through their app or online store. Satin White and Matte Black, the previously available colors, continue to be part of the palette.

Tesla Cybertruck cOLOR Paint Film

Image Source: Tesla’s Official Website


These new additions to Tesla’s Cybertruck color scheme have been launched as part of a broader strategy to offer more personalized experiences. The move is expected to attract potential buyers keen on standing out from the crowd with their unique Cybertrucks.

The Satin Abyss Blue wrap, in particular, has garnered attention for its striking hue. This vibrant color adds an aesthetic edge to the rugged design of the Cybertruck, enhancing its appeal.

Is It Worth the Extra Cost?

The additional cost for these premium colors could be a potential deterrent for some, though. Priced at $6,500, the Satin Abyss Blue, along with the Slip Grey and Satin Rose Gold wraps, are priced significantly higher than the standard Satin White and Matte Black options.

Despite the higher price tag, Tesla’s move to expand its color palette aligns with the industry trend of offering more customization options. It also shows the leading EV maker’s commitment to enhancing customer experience by providing more choices for personalization.

The Satin Abyss Blue Tesla Cybertruck offers customers the opportunity to drive an electric vehicle that truly reflects their personal style. As Tesla continues to innovate and push boundaries, it remains to be seen what other customization options will be introduced in the future.

Image Source: EVMagz