A severe storm hits through the Midwest this Tuesday, unleashing tornadoes, heavy rain, and strong winds just a day after a lethal tornado.

Just one day following a deadly tornado that struck a small town in Oklahoma, killing at least one, the Midwest faced its own barrage of severe weather. Late Tuesday, tornadoes were reported in Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio, under the cloak of darkness. The National Weather Service had already issued warnings for potential late-night storms, including more twisters and large hail across Illinois, Kentucky, and Missouri.

In southwestern Michigan, Portage near Kalamazoo witnessed two tornado strikes. These caused considerable damage to homes and a FedEx facility, yet miraculously, serious injuries were avoided. A significant scare occurred when approximately 50 individuals found themselves trapped inside the FedEx building due to downed power lines. Thankfully, a spokesperson for FedEx confirmed everyone’s safety later that night.

A mobile home park close to the area suffered extensively, with several homes completely destroyed. From Monday evening through early Tuesday, the National Weather Service’s Storm Prediction Center recorded over a dozen tornado reports across the central U.S., impacting states beyond Oklahoma, including Kansas, South Dakota, and Missouri.

Global Weather Woes and Oklahoma’s Repeated Tragedy

The storm’s wrath isn’t limited to the U.S.; globally, Brazil battles severe flooding while Asia experiences an intense heatwave. In Oklahoma, the town of Barnsdall is reeling from its second tornado in just five weeks. This recent tornado devastated the town, located about 40 minutes north of Tulsa, causing not just structural but emotional turmoil as well.

The mayor of Barnsdall reported that the community has lost at least one individual with another missing. Efforts to find the missing man are ongoing, emphasizing the tight-knit nature of this small community. The tornado damaged an estimated 30 to 40 homes, with aerial footage showcasing the widespread devastation—homes reduced to rubble and vehicles scattered chaotically.


First responders managed to rescue around 25 people, including children, from the debris. A few sustained injuries in the ordeal. Additionally, Barnsdall Nursing Home was evacuated due to a gas leak, though all residents were later confirmed safe.

Governor Kevin Stitt of Oklahoma highlighted the tornado’s ferocity, with winds reaching up to 200 mph. He announced a $45 million fund to assist storm-affected communities, underlining the state’s resilience and determination to rebuild.

In Bartlesville, significant damage was noted at the Hampton Inn, where guests recounted their harrowing experience as the storm raged.

The region remains on high alert, with forecasts predicting continued severe weather across the U.S., affecting over 21 million citizens in major cities like Indianapolis and Nashville. However, clearer skies are anticipated over the weekend, offering a brief respite from the recent spate of destructive weather.

As the community begins the process of recovery and rebuilding, the recent tornado that hits the Midwest serves as a stark reminder of nature’s power and the importance of preparedness and resilience in the face of such unpredictable events.

Image Source: Nebraska Public Media