Last month emerged as the hottest April in history, setting a new global record. This report comes from the European Union’s Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S), highlighting an alarming continuation of rising temperatures. Over the past 11 months, the world has experienced an unparalleled streak of warmth, with each month surpassing previous records.

A Year of Extreme Heat

Since June of last year, the Earth has been on a relentless warming trend, with April’s temperatures soaring to 1.61 degrees Celsius above the pre-industrial benchmarks. This surge has marked it as the warmest 12-month period since records began, underscoring the intensifying effects of climate change2.

Record sea surface temperatures in recent months have led scientists to speculate about a possible climatic tipping point.

“The fundamental shift in our climate system is now a concern among many in the scientific community,” said Julien Nicolas, a senior scientist at C3S.

This reflects growing apprehension regarding the stability of global climate patterns.

The spike in temperatures is largely attributed to greenhouse gas emissions from burning fossil fuels, with the El Niño phenomenon exacerbating the situation by warming the Pacific Ocean’s surface. These factors combine to accelerate the pace of climate change, signaling a call for urgent action.

Climate Extremes and the Paris Agreement Threshold

This April witnessed severe climate extremes, including a devastating heatwave in the Sahel region, attributed to ongoing climate changes.

“Crossing the 1.5 degrees Celsius threshold set by the 2015 Paris Agreement is now a looming possibility,” warned Hayley Fowler, a climate scientist at Newcastle University.

This agreement aimed to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius to mitigate severe climate impacts. However, experts fear that achieving this target may now be out of reach, emphasizing the need for immediate reduction in CO2 emissions to avoid surpassing the critical 2 degrees Celsius mark.

With data dating back to 1940, C3S has confirmed that this April was the hottest in history. The continuous rise in temperatures serves as a clarion call for global efforts to reduce emissions and tackle the root causes of climate change head-on.

The escalation of climate-induced phenomena underscores the urgency for concerted action. Governments and stakeholders worldwide are urged to ramp up their efforts in combating climate change, aiming to avert the dire consequences of failing to do so.