Some biofuel companies in China are investing heavily in green aviation fuel, with over $1 billion committed to constructing the nation’s first facilities for converting waste cooking oil into sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). This initiative aligns with expected government mandates aimed at reducing aircraft emissions.

Junheng Industry Group Biotechnology Co Ltd

In Puyang, Junheng Industry started producing SAF last December at a new 400,000 tpy plant, costing 1.3 billion yuan ($180 million). This facility, which has already received airworthiness certification, plans to produce 150,000 metric tons of SAF this year and has commenced exports to Europe.

Zhejiang Jiaao Enprotech Co

Originally a bio-based plasticizer manufacturer, Jiaao shifted towards biodiesel production around 2016. It is now constructing a 500,000 tpy SAF plant in Lianyungang, costing 4 billion yuan. Plans are in place to double this capacity, backed by a 30% investment from the Lianyungang government.

Tianzhou New Energy

Tianzhou is poised to open a 200,000-tpy SAF facility by late 2024 in Weiyuan, Sichuan, with ambitions to expand to 500,000 tpy. The company has a strong background in aviation fuel, working closely with China National Aviation Fuel Corp.

Sichuan Jinshang Environmental Protection Tech Co Ltd

Since 2012, Jinshang has been a major collector of used cooking oil, exporting significant quantities to European companies. It plans to begin construction of a 400,000-tpy SAF plant in Sichuan by July, targeting completion by the end of 2025.

Shandong Haike Chemical Co Ltd

Haike Chemical, based in Shandong, aims to convert an existing refining unit into a 500,000-tpy SAF production facility by year-end.

Sinopec Zhenhai

Sinopec Zhenhai became China’s inaugural SAF producer, gaining certification from the Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials in 2022. Despite its achievements, its 100,000-tpy facility has not yet started commercial production.

Qinzhou Hongkun

Beginning as a lubricant producer, Hongkun is planning a 300,000-tpy SAF plant in Qinzhou, Guangxi, with an investment of 1.68 billion yuan. The startup is scheduled for early 2026, with Jinshang holding a 20% stake.

State Power Investment Corp (SPIC)

SPIC announced a substantial 42 billion yuan investment in Heilongjiang province for a project including wind-powered hydrogen fuel production. This ambitious plan includes building a pilot plant to produce 10,000 tpy of SAF from hydrogen, a groundbreaking initiative in China.

These investments show the strategic move towards green aviation by China, leveraging technological innovations and substantial capital commitments to establish a greener aviation sector.

Image Source: Khaosod English