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Clean Energy Revolution

Note From Our Editor – Paul Webb

You often hear me quoting famous sayings or even delivering my own words surrounding the resolve of Climate Change and my solutions to slow down the process, but do we need a revolution to actually make this difference.

2020 saw many changes in peoples mindsets and we witnessed some seriously tough times. Through this time the world in my eyes has shrunk and we have seen communications technology really come to the front. I find myself now meeting on Zoom, MS Teams and Whatsapp. This is our forum to personally reconnect.

On 14th May 2020, I was invited to join a networking group called ‘The Clean Energy Revolution’ and I thought it would be interesting that there was a global group discussing ‘Energy Matters’ and daily this group started to grow. When I joined we had about 60 members and we was sharing knowledge. I was shocked that this group of individuals all in their own countries were discussing and sharing their challenges around the industry and marketing their work. During this time I have forged some key relationships with the group and understood that we all have the same challenges. It is from here I started sharing my words:

“We all speak different languages but we all speak the same language of reducing kWh, reducing emissions and saving our planet”

Now we have a great team of amazing clean energy thought leaders that includes Clinton Ankutakpuie, Paul Martin, Matt Macunas and Russ Bates. Our commitment is to bring you the news of the Clean Energy Revolution.

clean energy revolution
Why am I doing this? What am I trying to achieve? Throughout our many years within this industry, we have created a purpose and overview, that will focus on learning, sharing knowledge and networking with like minded people. Networking alongside brand experts, industry gurus, we will quickly understand that having a clear purpose and overview will make a big difference to our success. It even will give us the confidence to succeed. Ultimately, this group all speak different languages but we all speak the one language of saving energy, reducing emissions and saving our planet.
clean energy revolution
Brian Scott,
Founder, Clean Energy Revolution


To embrace The UN Sustainable Development Goals and deliver ‘Clean Energy Sustainability, efficiency and environmental  knowledge and support across the world’           


 to bring ‘Experts’ from around the world sharing ‘knowledge and understanding’  to drive down energy, emissions and save our planet. CER will be feeding the industry with knowledge and developing a strong network of like minded individuals. Our work provides experience, employment, project management and implementation.

Core Values

Listening – Whether we are talking with our peers of employees,  we always listen.    

Respect – We pay respect to our customers and our team 100% of the time.       

Innovation – We always embrace and encourage innovation.        

Lifelong Learning– Learning is with us forever and we embrace it daily.

Profit with Integrity – We are not shy of profit because we always apply integrity.  

Sharing Knowledge – We always share knowledge to our group. There is no limit.


CER Members Around the World

CER is a group of 150+ clean energy professionals, located in 17 countries, developing and deploying $100m+ in renewable energy infrastructure.

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