B2B Energy

Each week I interview energy experts from around the world, allowing their valuable knowledge to be shared.  I do feel however, that we just don’t have enough energy experts within our industry to share the knowledge needed to deliver sound energy management projects.

This year, I have managed to broadcast the sum of 58 podcast shows with two pending and another forty planned. It is not only my vision, but my mission to bring together energy experts from around the world, holding hands and sharing knowledge.


My mission is slowly coming together through my training program, knowledge sharing within my posts, and of course my podcast. If we don’t bring together energy experts, each expert will have to work on their own, developing and inventing their own wheel which would take over 40 years, and I speak from experience, having spent this long developing my own career and continually learning along the way.

I have also worked in the industry of ‘one way’ traffic. I believe there to be 100’s of independent consultants across the world today, that now need to share their knowledge to the 1000’s coming through in the next generation.

The solution however, is an easy one, as we all need to be sharing our knowledge and this is why I have worked tirelessly networking and sharing my knowledge. In addition, I noticed very quickly that my knowledge became stronger as I started to hear other people’s stories and started to network across the world.

My 11 week training program engages future generations of energy experts, existing experts and organisations. This in itself has bought further challenges, as we now have experts that we now need to supplement with technologies and life time learning. Within the first part of the training, I teach individuals to continue and widen their knowledge by listening to and networking with other experts. What better way is there to learn than by listening to other experts from within your own living room, which is exactly what I strive to provide.

What is the goal of Energy Speaks Back ?

Energy Speaks Back is our Podcast which spotlights ‘Energy Experts’ and other Experts within the energy and surrounding industries. This Podcast gives our viewers exclusive insights into the industry and highlights just some of the different roles that individuals are doing within it.

Why do we have sponsors? We have sponsors to maximise the technologies and services marketing approach to our industry as we only align the Podcast with ‘Pedigree’ organisations that have proven technologies and services from which we leveraged our network. Our network has 22k followers on LinkedIn and 30k followers across four platforms, our reach is deep and has evolved since 2019 and it leverages my 41 years’ experience of working within this industry. (Don’t forget I started when I was four!)

B2B Energy provides a multiple of media platforms to share and maximise its messages and its learning across the energy experts globally. I personally would only use the one platform, but I am constantly working against the algorithms to maximise the share as sadly, social media owners are now seeking money to finance the sharing of posts.

I currently work everyday in my business, even through the holidays where I continue to promote energy to organisations with my own, and others knowledge. I’m passionate about energy management and I’m passionate about transferring 40+ years of experience back to other experts.

Podcasting for me this year has been so rewarding as I have interviewed some really key people and  had so much fun engaging with them. When I did my first interview with my friend Mr. Brian Scott from Canada, I was so nervous, but I dug deep, leaned in and now I’ve interviewed 60 people and it is continually growing.

The first 100 interviews will be going into my 5th book, ‘The 100 Voices of the Energy Experts from around the World’, which will transcript what these experts will give back to the industry. I am very excited about this book as it will be a testament to those 100 experts from within their field.

Lastly, if you are reading this and you are an expert that feels your story could add value, please contact me directly here … https://www.b2benergy.co.uk/b2b-podcasts/ and join me in bringing energy experts together.