Three cheers for the 1%? “According to a recent International Energy Agency (IEA) report, carbon emissions in 2022 rose by less than was feared, largely thanks to a multitude of new green energy projects worldwide. Carbon dioxide emissions worldwide increased by under 1 percent in 2022, or 321 million tonnes…” While less than the post-COVID bounce of 6% emissions increase in 2021, “the world’s emissions are still rising in an unsustainable way, threatening the net-zero by 2050 scenario of many countries.” “An additional 550 million tonnes of emissions were avoided by increased deployment of clean energy technologies, showing the importance of developing the green energy sector at a more advanced rate.” Due to simultaneous use increases of coal and oil, emissions would have increased 3x if not for green energy. While 1% is generally good news, IEA “warned that carbon emissions need to rapidly decrease for the world to battle the effects of climate change; greater accountability is still needed in the oil and gas industry; and there needs to be an acceleration in green energy production.” The original article can be found at: