Ample’s new solution to EV charging has been a welcome change for drivers who need to refuel quickly and conveniently. These battery-swapping stations allow you to swap out your drained battery pack with a fully charged one in minutes. This is faster than the traditional method of charging an EV, which can take anywhere from several hours up to over a day, depending on the size of the battery and level of charge. The stations are powered by advanced EV Charging technology, which enables fast and efficient charging in five minutes or less. 

How Does it Work?

The station works by utilizing two robotic arms that automatically swap out the empty battery with a full one as soon as it is inserted into the station. Drivers simply insert their depleted pack into the slot and a robotic arm grabs the battery, places it in a charging dock, and then swaps it out for a full one. When the process is complete, the driver can continue on their journey with a fully charged battery. 

Where Is It Located?

The stations are located at various locations around the world, including gas stations, parking lots, grocery stores, and more. This makes them easily accessible to EV owners who might not have access to other forms of charging. The convenience of being able to swap batteries quickly has also made them popular among commuters who need to get from point A to B as quickly as possible.

Ample’s battery swapping technology is making electric vehicle ownership easier than ever before. Drivers no longer have to worry about long charging times and can now quickly and conveniently recharge their vehicles in minutes. This is a major step forward for EV adoption and will help to make electric vehicles the norm on our roads.


The future of Swift EV Charging looks bright as Ample continues to expand its network of battery-swapping stations around the world. With more locations available, drivers have even more options for quickly refueling their EVs without having to wait hours or days for a full charge. As more people switch to electric vehicles, this technology is sure to be an invaluable resource for drivers everywhere.