90% of the time, your electric car charger is sitting idle. Have you ever thought about renting out your charger to your neighbors for extra income?

A recent story on Twitter highlights just how feasible such a side hustle can be. A Twitter user named Ethan wrote about how he used his Ford Lightning truck to charge a depleted Tesla Model S. Upon discovering the Tesla stopped in a turn lane with emergency lights on, Ethan approached to help.

Since Ethan owns several Teslas that he rents out to others, he always carries Tesla chargers with him in his Ford truck. Therefore, he pulled out a 240-volt Tesla mobile connector and plugged it into one of the electrical outlets on his truck. He put the other end of the connector into the charging port of the Model S. Although the Model S port didn’t initially work, it finally started accepting electricity thanks to some manual intervention. The Model S charged at a rate of around 21 miles of range per hour.

Ethan chose to assist his neighbor for free. However, other electric car owners are doing the same work as Ethan for a profit.

With many areas lacking a sufficient number of public charging stations, more and more electric car owners are using peer-to-peer charging networks. A peer-to-peer charging network involves electric car owners (also called “hosts”) renting out their residential charging systems to other drivers. EVmatch.com is one of the most popular peer-to-peer apps in the United States. You can find out more about its services here: https://www.evmatch.com/

If you’re an electric car owner looking for some extra cash, explore becoming a peer-to-peer charging host today.