Tesla has recently implemented a price increase for its home charging station, the Tesla Wall Connector. This decision comes at a time when the device is gaining popularity as the North American Charging Standard (NACS).

Despite the price hike, the Tesla Wall Connector remains one of the most affordable charging stations available on the market, offering impressive specifications. The EV automaker initially set the price at $500, providing an 11.5 kW/48 amp output, making it a competitive option. However, Tesla promptly reduced the price to $350 in December to further enhance its appeal.

Last year, Tesla announced its intention to establish its EV charge connector as the new standard in North America, aiming to encourage widespread adoption. While it took some time for other companies to embrace Tesla’s NACS connector, it is now gaining momentum, with notable industry players such as Ford, GM, and numerous charging station manufacturers in North America adopting the standard.

In an effort to maintain the Tesla Wall Connector’s appeal amidst increasing competition, the company initially raised the price to $425 earlier this year. However, Tesla has now chosen to increase the price further, by an additional $50, bringing the new cost to $475.

Notably, the specifications of the Tesla Wall Connector remain unchanged, ensuring customers will still benefit from its impressive features.  The features are following:

  • The device offers a range of up to 44 miles added per hour, an auto-sensing handle to open the charge port.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity for over-the-air updates.
  • Remote diagnostics, and access controls.
  • It allows scheduled charging and data tracking through the Tesla app 
  • Possesses a versatile indoor/outdoor design 
  • Supports variable amperage configurations based on installation location 
  • Facilitates power-sharing capabilities with up to six Wall Connectors. 
  • The 24-foot cable length 
  • Four-year warranty for residential use further contributes to its appeal.

It is worth noting that Tesla has chosen to maintain the price of its Wall Connector with J1772 connector, which remains available for purchase at $550.

Tesla’s decision to increase the price of its home charging station appears to be driven by the growing adoption of the NACS connector, making the Wall Connector an increasingly sought-after product. While customers will face a higher upfront cost, the device’s features and competitive pricing in relation to other options on the market may continue to make it an attractive choice for EV owners.


As the electric vehicle industry continues to expand, charging infrastructure and affordable home charging solutions play a pivotal role in enabling widespread adoption. Tesla’s ongoing commitment to innovation and its efforts to establish industry standards through the NACS connector are expected to further drive the EV revolution forward.