Hyundai May Adopt Tesla’s Charging Standard in North America

Hyundai Motor, the South Korean automaker, is considering making its vehicles more compatible with the charging standard that Tesla is pushing for in North America. Tesla’s Superchargers currently account for around 60% of fast chargers in the U.S., and automakers like Ford and General Motors have recently entered into deals with Tesla to use its charging technology. In this blog post, we will explore Hyundai’s potential alliance with Tesla’s charging standard and what it means for the electric vehicle industry.

Hyundai’s CEO, Jaehoon Chang, recently stated that the company would consider joining the alliance of automakers adopting Tesla’s standard, but only if it benefits Hyundai customers. One potential issue is that Tesla’s charging standard does not allow for the faster charging speeds that Hyundai’s electric vehicles can achieve on other chargers.

Currently, Hyundai’s new electric cars including the Ioniq 5 use an 800-volt electrical architecture to enable faster charging. In contrast, Tesla’s Superchargers operate at a lower voltage. Therefore, Hyundai would need to consult with Tesla to make adjustments to its charging system for Hyundai customers to charge faster.

Despite the potential challenges, the benefits of Hyundai adopting Tesla’s charging standard would be significant. Tesla’s charging network is well established, and automakers like Ford and General Motors have already seen improvements to their charging infrastructure since partnering with Tesla. Adopting Tesla’s charging standard would also make it easier for Hyundai owners to charge their electric vehicles while traveling across North America.

Another critical point to consider is the impact this potential alliance with Tesla will have on the overall electric vehicle industry. Growing partnerships among automakers is a positive development for the market as a whole. Automakers collaborating with one another on charging standards and infrastructure will help drive down costs and encourage more consumers to switch to electric vehicles, leading to more sustainable transportation.

Hyundai’s potential to adopt Tesla’s charging standard in North America is an exciting development for the electric vehicle industry. While there are a few potential challenges to address, the benefits for Hyundai customers and the broader market are too significant to ignore. Partnerships among automakers are becoming increasingly important, and adopting a shared charging standard will drive the market forward. As the electric vehicle industry continues to grow, collaborations between automakers will be key to delivering sustainable transportation solutions to drivers worldwide.