In the latest edition of’s American-Made Index (AMI), Tesla has once again emerged as the most American-made auto brand, securing the top four spots on the list. What sets Tesla apart is its unique vertical integration approach, which involves manufacturing a significant portion of its vehicle components in-house within the United States.’s annual AMI aims to identify and rank the most “American-made” automakers and models. The 2023 AMI, released today, revealed Tesla’s dominance in the rankings. All four of the top vehicles on the list hail from the Texas-based automaker:

Tesla Model Y

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model S

Among the remaining vehicles in the top 10 are the Honda Passport, Volkswagen ID.4, Honda Odyssey, Acura MDX, Honda Ridgeline, and Acura RDX. Notably, Tesla is the sole American automaker to secure a spot in the top 10. Japanese manufacturers Acura and Honda occupy four additional positions, while German automaker Volkswagen enters the index for the first time with its ID.4 model.

The AMI rankings are based on an evaluation of 388 vehicles manufactured in the United States. This year’s list highlights Tesla’s exceptional performance, with its electric vehicles claiming the top spots. Additionally, the inclusion of the Volkswagen ID.4 signifies the growing presence of electric vehicles within the top rankings.

This trend may indicate an opportunity for electric vehicle manufacturers to adopt Tesla’s vertical integration model, fostering localized supply chains. Notably, the government’s recent incentives, particularly regarding battery production, encourage higher domestic manufacturing percentages and the utilization of materials from countries with free trade agreements.

Despite the perception that Tesla is not an American automaker among some individuals, the company’s consistent presence atop the AMI rankings underscores its commitment to producing American-made vehicles. Tesla’s vertical integration strategy and emphasis on domestic manufacturing contribute to its unparalleled success in this regard.


As the automotive industry continues its transition towards sustainable mobility, Tesla’s achievement serves as a testament to the potential for American automakers to leverage vertical integration and establish themselves as leaders in the production of American-made electric vehicles.