According to Teslascope’s report, the upcoming Model 3 refresh, unofficially known as “Project Highland,” is rumored to include several new features that would enhance the driving experience and aesthetics of the popular electric vehicle.

One of the key rumored additions to the Model 3 refresh is steer-by-wire technology. This system replaces the traditional mechanical connection between the steering wheel and the wheels with an electronic interface. Steer-by-wire enables more precise control and opens up possibilities for advanced driver-assistance systems and autonomous driving capabilities.

Additionally, the Model 3 refresh is said to incorporate RGB lights. These lights are capable of displaying a wide range of colors, allowing for customizable interior and exterior lighting options. RGB lighting has gained popularity in the automotive industry as a way to personalize and enhance the visual appeal of vehicles.

While details about the Model 3 refresh remain scarce, the leaked image of the prototype without camouflage showcased some noticeable exterior updates. The refreshed model displayed revised front and rear designs, suggesting a more refined and modern appearance.

Moreover, industry insiders have speculated that the Model 3 refresh will come equipped with Tesla’s latest self-driving technology, Hardware 4.0. This advanced hardware platform is expected to improve autonomous driving capabilities, enhancing safety and performance on the road.

Tesla enthusiasts and potential buyers have eagerly awaited the Model 3 refresh since rumors of its development began circulating. The Model 3 has been a significant success for Tesla, becoming one of the best-selling electric vehicles worldwide. With the potential inclusion of steer-by-wire, RGB lights, and other improvements, the refreshed Model 3 aims to further solidify Tesla’s position in the electric vehicle market.


As of now, Tesla has not officially confirmed or provided detailed information about the Model 3 refresh. However, with the sightings of prototypes undergoing testing and the leaked image, it appears that the release of the refreshed Model 3 is drawing closer. Tesla enthusiasts and industry observers eagerly await further updates and official announcements from the electric car manufacturer.