The EV revolution is spreading to the military. GM Defense, a division of General Motors, has developed a concept electric military vehicle based on the Hummer EV. The Electric Military Concept Vehicle (eMCV) was showcased from June 27 to 29 at the Modern Day Marine convention in Washington, DC. 


The eMCV shares its framework and 212 kWh battery pack with the civilian Hummer. It can travel up to 100 miles after just 12 minutes of charging. 


However, the eMCV modifies various aspects of the civilian Hummer for improved off-road capabilities. The eMCV features: 

          • larger off-road tires

          • improved approach and departure angles

          • an upgraded roll cage

          • bespoke wheels


In addition, the six-seater eMCV incorporates Silent Watch and Silent Drive technology to protect drivers from enemy detection. 


The eMCV is still in the planning stage, and there’s a long way to go before production. Nevertheless, the eMCV is a positive sign that private industry is helping the US military to reach its clean energy goals.



The US Army’s Electric Push 


Last year, the US Army announced that it will aim to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Vehicle electrification is a major part of this plan. The Army aims to have fully electric combat vehicles by 2050. 


In addition to the obvious environmental advantages, there are many strategic benefits to electrifying military vehicles. 


The Atlantic Council, a renowned foreign policy think tank, released a report in November 2022 that highlighted these strategic benefits. Because they generate so little noise and heat, electric combat vehicles are far harder for enemies to detect than gas-powered equivalents. Other advantages of electric combat vehicles include higher torque and less need for repairs. 


GM has a long history of working with the US Army. In 2020, GM’s defense division won a $214.3 million contract to supply the Army with the Infantry Squad Vehicle. 


With Tesla’s dominance of EV charging, GM would be wise to make military equipment its niche focus within the EV sector. If GM can bring prototypes like the eMCV to production, it might significantly cut Tesla’s lead in EV market share. 



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