As the electric vehicle market becomes increasingly competitive, Tesla has rolled out a new customer referral incentive program worldwide. The move mirrors a longstanding strategy employed by traditional automakers to boost sales through referrals from existing customers. This initiative comes at a time when automakers are slashing prices and increasing incentives to capture market share in the rapidly growing EV sector.

Incentives and Global Rollout

Dubbed “Refer and Earn,” Tesla’s new referral program offers incentives to buyers in various markets. In the United States, customers purchasing the Model 3 or Model Y can receive $500 in cashback, along with a three-month trial of Tesla’s Full Self-Driving feature. The program has been introduced in Tesla’s key markets, including the United States, China, Germany, France, Canada, Mexico, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

Reviving the Referral Program

Tesla had previously suspended its referral program due to its high costs, instead focusing on real-time price adjustments on its website. However, to stimulate sales growth and maintain a competitive edge, Tesla decided to reintroduce the program. The intensifying EV market competition and the need to capture a larger market share prompted this strategic move.

Price War and Margins

CEO Elon Musk stated earlier this year that Tesla would prioritize sales growth over profitability, acknowledging the ongoing price war in the EV market. The company’s aggressive pricing strategies have put pressure on both traditional automakers and emerging EV startups. While the price cuts have bolstered sales, concerns remain about the impact on Tesla’s margins. Investors and analysts are keen to see the consequences of these price adjustments when the company reports its second-quarter results.

Industry-Wide Production Challenges

Tesla’s success in ramping up EV production has set it apart from its competitors. However, industry analysts predict that traditional automakers may encounter challenges in scaling up production as they strive to meet ambitious growth targets. Ford, for instance, recently reported a slight decline in second-quarter EV sales. These production hurdles are expected to be widespread as automakers strive to keep pace with Tesla’s market dominance.

Global Incentives

In addition to the cashback incentives in the United States, Tesla is offering discounts and rebates in other regions. In China, new buyers of the Model Y and Model 3 vehicles can receive a cash rebate of 3,500 yuan ($483.69) if they provide a referral from an existing owner. In the United Kingdom, referral codes can be used to avail a discount of £1,000 ($1,278) on Model S and Model X, and £500 for Model 3 and Model Y.


As the EV market intensifies, Tesla has expanded its customer referral program worldwide to boost sales and maintain its competitive edge. The company’s focus on sales growth and willingness to engage in the price war highlight its determination to capture market share. However, the impact on Tesla’s margins and the long-term consequences of these pricing strategies remain key areas of concern. As the EV industry continues to evolve, consumers can expect increased incentives and discounts from automakers vying for a larger slice of the electrified mobility market.