Volkswagen’s autonomous driving test program has finally arrived in the United States! The German car manufacturer has partnered with Mobileye to develop its autonomous driving technology, and now they’re ready to test it out with their all-electric ID. Buzz vehicles. The program kicked off this month in Austin, Texas, and it’s an exciting time for anyone interested in self-driving vehicles.

The ID.Buzz is Volkswagen’s reimagined VW Bus, and it’s a vehicle you won’t want to miss. The 60s-inspired bus has three rows of seating with six and seven-seat configurations and is set to arrive in the United States next year. But before that happens, Volkswagen needs to make sure its autonomous driving technology is up to par.

This is why the company has launched its test program in Austin, Texas, with two ID. Buzz vehicles. The electric buses will be outfitted with cameras, radar, and lidar technology to test for safety, efficiency, and convenience. The vehicles won’t hit the road on their own initially – human drivers will be on board supervising the vehicle’s autonomous driving. They’ll be ready to step in if needed, ensuring safety remains a top priority.

What makes this test program unique is its geofenced area. The vehicles will only be able to operate in a downtown area that’s already been mapped by Volkswagen. This means the vehicles will be navigating a predetermined route throughout downtown Austin, reducing the risk of unpredictable scenarios. It’ll also help Volkswagen identify any potential flaws in its autonomous driving technology and fix them quickly.

But don’t fret if you’re not in Austin, Texas. The program’s an important step towards Volkswagen’s wider goal of autonomous driving for everyone. While the initial launch is limited, there are plans to expand the program to other cities in the United States. So, keep an eye out for updates!

The future of transportation is changing, and it’s exciting to see how Volkswagen is leading the charge in autonomous driving technology. With its partnership with Mobileye, Volkswagen is well on its way to achieving its goal of safer and more efficient driving. The launch of its test program in Austin, Texas, is an important milestone, and we can’t wait to see what Volkswagen has planned next. Keep an eye out for future developments – the future of transportation is closer than you think!