Investing in Solar Energy: Why the Future Looks Bright for American Made Solar

  • Over $9 Billion planned investment
  • 63 new and expanded manufacturing plants
  • Enough to power 9 million additional homes each year
  • Tens of thousands of new jobs

The solar industry has been on the rise for the past decade, and with the latest investment plans under President Biden, it’s safe to say that the future of solar energy in America is looking brighter than ever before.

With over $9 billion planned investments in the solar industry, the U.S. is set for 63 new and expanded solar manufacturing plants, which is enough to power an additional nine million American homes each year. These new plants are set to create tens of thousands of new jobs with an estimated 11,000 in manufacturing alone.


solar energy investment

Clean Energy
Solar energy is one of the cleanest forms of energy, producing zero emissions and reducing the country’s carbon footprint. Solar energy is a plentiful and renewable resource, and investing in it on a large scale would greatly benefit not only the country as a whole, but also individual investors. Clean energy is the future of the world, and it is essential for every country to adopt it to combat climate change.

Investing in solar energy is a cost-effective alternative to traditional forms of energy, with solar panels being one of the most affordable forms of renewable energy. The increasing affordability of solar panels has made it possible for more homeowners and businesses to adopt solar energy and reduce their energy bills. With the investment in American-made solar, the cost of solar panels is expected to decrease even further, making it even more accessible.

Job Creation
Investing in American-made solar is not just beneficial for the environment and cost-effective for individuals, it’s also an opportunity for job creation. The solar industry is expected to see an influx of tens of thousands of new jobs in a variety of fields, ranging from manufacturing, engineering, installation, and maintenance. The increased investment in the industry is predicted to drive growth and create well-paying jobs for people from different backgrounds and expertise.

National Security
Energy security is an essential component of national security, and moving away from traditional forms of energy and adopting clean energy is a crucial step to improving national security. By investing in American-made solar, the country would reduce its reliance on foreign oil and create energy security for the nation.

Rural Development
Solar energy is a significant opportunity for rural development and can lead to economic prosperity. Many rural areas around the country still rely on traditional forms of energy, and solar energy can provide them with a source of reliable and affordable energy. Investing in solar energy in rural areas can create jobs, improve infrastructure, and bring about positive changes to the local community.

Investing in American-made solar presents a plethora of opportunities for individuals, local communities, and the country as a whole. The increasing affordability of solar panels, the creation of new jobs, the reduction in carbon emissions, and the contribution to national security make clean energy an attractive industry to invest in. With the new investments under President Biden, the future of solar energy in America looks bright, and investor optimism is high. Investing in solar energy is one of the most crucial steps towards a greener, cleaner, and more sustainable future for everyone.