Aston Martin is gearing up to enter the electric vehicle (EV) market with four new models set to launch in the coming years. The British automaker has recently announced that its first electric model, scheduled for release in 2025, will be equipped with Pirelli’s innovative Cyber Tire system, further solidifying Aston Martin’s commitment to cutting-edge technology and performance.

During a panel discussion at the esteemed Goodwood Festival of Speed, Aston Martin Group Chief Technical Officer Roberto Fedeli unveiled the partnership between Aston Martin and Pirelli. He revealed that the upcoming EV would utilize Pirelli’s Cyber Tire system, which incorporates advanced sensor technology that interacts with the vehicle’s computer systems. This integration allows the car to gather crucial information about the tires, such as the tire type (summer or winter), recommended pressure, load index, and speed rating. Moreover, the system continually monitors vital parameters like wear level, temperature, grip, slip details, and load distribution, among others.

The real-time data collected by the Cyber Tire system enables the vehicle to make informed adjustments to various aspects of its performance. Depending on how the automaker implements the technology, the EV can utilize this tire information to optimize suspension settings, fine-tune electronic stability control parameters, and enhance braking assistance, among other functions. This seamless integration of tire data with vehicle dynamics systems can significantly improve the overall driving experience, safety, and efficiency.

Pirelli’s Cyber Tire system has already garnered attention in the automotive industry, and Aston Martin joins the likes of McLaren and Lotus in adopting this innovative technology. The McLaren Artura, a groundbreaking hybrid supercar, was one of the first production vehicles to benefit from Pirelli’s Cyber Tires. McLaren utilized the system in its bespoke P Zero, P Zero Corsa, and P Zero Winter tire variants, enhancing the vehicle’s performance and safety across various driving conditions. Similarly, the Lotus Evija, a highly anticipated all-electric hypercar, also employs Pirelli’s Cyber Tires to optimize its exceptional performance capabilities.

Pirelli’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of tire technology doesn’t stop there. The company is actively developing a version of the Cyber Tire system that can communicate and exchange information with other vehicles and advanced infrastructure networks. This ambitious undertaking aims to create a connected ecosystem where vehicles can share real-time road surface data with each other, leading to improved safety and enhanced driving experiences for all road users.

In addition to the partnership with Pirelli, Aston Martin has recently forged another crucial alliance in its electric vehicle journey. In June 2023, the company announced a long-term partnership with Lucid, a prominent electric vehicle manufacturer. This collaboration involves utilizing Lucid’s cutting-edge powertrain and battery components for Aston Martin’s forthcoming EVs. However, it’s important to note that Aston Martin’s engineering team will adapt and tailor these components specifically for their vehicles, ensuring they align with the brand’s performance and luxury ethos. As part of this partnership, Lucid also acquired a 3.7 percent share in Aston Martin, showcasing the confidence and shared vision between the two companies.


The integration of Pirelli’s Cyber Tire system in Aston Martin’s upcoming electric vehicle demonstrates the company’s commitment to embracing advanced technologies to enhance the performance, safety, and driving experience of its vehicles. As the automotive industry continues to evolve towards electric mobility, Aston Martin’s foray into the electric vehicle market holds great promise, and the utilization of Pirelli’s state-of-the-art tire technology further cements their position as a frontrunner in the pursuit of sustainable luxury and exhilarating electric performance.