Florida is known for its wonderful beaches, crystal clear waters, and incredible weather. However, this summer season, something unusual is happening in Florida’s warm waters. The ocean water in some areas has become so hot that it feels like steamy syrup. Swimmers are still braving the waters despite the record-high temperatures, and so today, we will delve deeper into this phenomenon in Florida.

Florida Ocean Temperature

The heatwave in South Florida’s waters is not a new occurrence. The water in Florida is usually warm this time of year, with temperatures averaging around 86 degrees Fahrenheit. However, this year’s temperature is unusually high, and it’s causing havoc to marine life and researchers who track ocean temperature. As of Monday this week, the water temperature off South Florida had already passed 89 degrees Fahrenheit.

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), measurements taken from the coast of Virginia Key showed that the water temperature peaked at 90.5 degrees on Monday, and the air temperature at 87.6 degrees, setting a record. Saturday’s temperature was even worse, with the water temperature reaching a staggering 92.5 degrees, a record high that has left many people shocked and concerned for Florida’s marine life.

Ocean temperatures

Florida Bay was not spared either. In some areas, the sea surface reached 98 degrees, which is incredibly hot. Such high temperatures have not only caused the waters to feel like gooey syrup, but they have also disrupted the ocean’s ecosystem, causing distress to sea creatures like manatees, fish, and corals.

“It feels like a Jacuzzi!” Sasha Mishenina told her two friends following a brief dip

The heat is also creating harmful algae blooms that can be dangerous to marine life and the locals who consume seafood from these areas.

Miami’s unrelenting heat this summer has set a new record with 16 consecutive days of heat index at or above 105 degrees, according to Brian McNoldy, a senior research scientist at the University of Miami. The heat is not only affecting the ocean, but it is also impacting people who live and work in Florida. It’s important to stay hydrated, avoid prolonged outdoor activities, and use sunscreen to prevent heat stress and heatstroke.

The heatwave in Florida’s waters is unprecedented. It’s causing distress to marine life, impacting ocean temperature, and affecting people’s daily lives. Swimmers are still braving the waters despite the record-high temperatures, but everyone needs to be cautious and avoid prolonged outdoor activities during such scorching weather. Florida is a beautiful state, and we need to do everything we can to protect our environment and the ocean’s precious ecosystem.


Credit New York Times