Looking to transform your vintage VW Beetle into an eco-friendly EV? It’s a simpler and more affordable endeavor than you might imagine.

Thanks to Alibaba, you can now access an EV conversion kit tailored specifically for classic VW Beetles, priced at just $2,000. Other EV conversion kits on the market cost well in excess of $10,000.

Converting classic cars into EVs has become quite common, providing a way to breathe new life into these older automobiles without the environmental impact of gas-powered cars. Cars like the VW Beetle are excellent candidates for conversion due to their straightforward designs and spacious engine compartments. These features make custom work relatively easy.

The latest EV conversion kit, targeted at VW Beetles produced from 1965 to 1975, capitalizes on these advantages. It offers a simple way to revive an old combustion engine car into a fresh, electric-powered glory.

The kit features a 15 kW electric motor generating approximately 20 horsepower. While this may seem lower than the original 40 horsepower produced by a 1965 VW Beetle, electric motors boast higher torque. This results in comparable or even better performance than traditional gasoline-powered engines.

Installing the 48 kg (105 lb) motor appears straightforward as it can be bolted directly onto the Beetle’s transaxle. Whether powered by electrons or gasoline, the car will work as long as the shaft keeps spinning.

Alongside the electric motor, the Beetle conversion kit includes an electronic speed controller and a replacement digital dashboard with electric readouts. However, one crucial component is missing from the kit: a 96V battery pack. Battery packs may not be readily available at major retailers, but you can get them from various reputable US-based auto-battery resellers.

Unfortunately, VW has quashed hopes for a factory-made electric VW Beetle. However, the electric version of the VW bus, known as the VW ID. Buzz, is currently on the market.

With its relatively simple design and low cost, the Alibaba VW Beetle conversion kit is an appealing option.

A word of caution, though: large purchases on Alibaba can be risky. Exercise caution when dealing with untested online vendors from distant locations. Sleazy, incompetent vendors can cause financial losses and complications with shipping and customs fees.

Image source: JBugs.com, https://shorturl.at/bEV19. Image cropped.