Certainly Cybertruck is one of the most unique and highly anticipated vehicle launches in recent memory. As reported on this website in the article Tesla Cybertruck Wait Ties Surpass 5 Years the vehicle has an enormous base already:

Tesla Cybertruck has now received more than 1.9 million orders. During an earnings call, Tesla CEO Elon Musk expressed how overwhelming the demand for the Cybertruck has been, stating it’s “so off the hook, you can’t even see the hook.”

Given Tesla’s plan to manufacture 375,000 Cybertrucks annually at its peak capacity, it’s estimated that Tesla Cybertruck wait times are now in excess of five years.

Over the past two years, the number of reservations for the Cybertruck has nearly doubled, going from 1 million pre-orders in May 2021 to the current count of over 1.9 million.

Tesla CEO is nothing if not extremely ambitious so he immediately set his sights on the Big Dog…Ford’s F-150. Remember the towing content stunt?


The problem is that this is not a fair fight…at all.

Is Ford worried? No. Ford CEO Jim Farley was very honest about it:

“And if he (Musk) wants to design a Cybertruck for Silicon Valley people, fine. It’s like a cool high-end product parked in front of a hotel. But I don’t make trucks like that. I make trucks for real people who do real work, and that’s a different kind of truck.”

Is the Ford F-150 the Greatest Product in the History of Commerce?

Yes, it is.

Why? The statistics are staggering (according to Wikipedia):

  • Since 1977, the F-Series has remained the best-selling pickup truck line in the United States
  • It has been the highest-selling vehicle overall since 1981.
  • The F-Series is the best-selling truck in Canada for over fifty years.
  • As of the 2018 model year, the F-Series generated $41 billion in annual revenue for Ford.\By January 2022, the F-Series models have been sold 40 million units.
  • Currently, Ford manufactures the F-Series in four facilities in the United States.

When it comes to pickup trucks, the Ford F-150 is an undisputed king. It is not hard to see why it has been the best-selling vehicle in the United States for over 40 years. The F-150 has successfully carved out a niche for itself in the marketplace as a reliable, versatile, and durable truck that is perfect for everything from hauling cargo to towing boats. But is the F-150 more than just a great truck? Is it possible that it’s actually the greatest product in the history of commerce? That answer is yes and there are well established reasons that go beyond the sales statistics:

  1. Durability: The first factor that sets the F-150 apart from other vehicles is its durability. The F-150 is built to last, with a strong steel frame and high-strength aluminum-alloy body. It’s no surprise that the F-150 is a popular choice for people who work in construction, farming, and other industries that require rugged, dependable vehicles. But it’s not just professionals who appreciate the F-150’s durability – everyday consumers value the peace of mind that comes from knowing their truck can handle anything life throws at it.
  2. Versatility: Unlike many other pickup trucks, the F-150 is not limited to being a work vehicle. It can also function as a family car, a vehicle for long road trips, and even a luxury ride. With a variety of cabin and bed sizes, as well as a range of engines to choose from, the F-150 can be customized to fit the unique needs of any driver. And with features like heated seats, adaptive cruise control, and a B&O Sound System, the F-150 is a great option for those who want a truck that’s comfortable and stylish.
  3. Innovation: The F-150 has a long history of being on the cutting edge of automotive technology. In 2015, Ford introduced the aluminum body, which led to a significant reduction in weight and increased fuel efficiency. In 2018, the F-150 debuted the first-ever diesel engine in its class, which combined power and efficiency. And in 2021, the F-150 launched the Pro Power Onboard generator, which allows drivers to power tools and appliances directly from the truck. These innovations have kept the F-150 ahead of its competitors over the years and have contributed to its continued success.
  4. Cultural Significance: The F-150 is more than just a vehicle – it’s a cultural icon. From country songs to movies, the F-150 has played a prominent role in American pop culture for decades. It represents a certain sense of rugged individualism and a love for the open road. The F-150 is also a symbol of the working-class ethos that defines much of America. It’s a reliable, tough vehicle that is accessible to a wide range of people and has become a part of the American identity.
  5. Legacy: Finally, it’s worth noting that the F-150 has been around for a long time – over 75 years, to be exact. It has consistently remained one of the most popular vehicles in the world and has shaped the automotive industry in countless ways. The F-150 has helped define what a pickup truck is and what it can be. Its legacy is not only in the millions of trucks it has sold but also in the impact it has had on society as a whole.

This doesn’t even get into the question of whether or not Tesla can pump out 375,000 Cybertrucks. This table shows America’s Best Selling Cars And Trucks Of 2022. Cybertruck’s 375,000 volume would make it the 4th best selling vehicle in America.

Model YTD 2022 YTD 2021 YTD Change
Ford F-Series 653,957 726,003 -9.9%
Chevrolet Silverado 520,936 529,765 -1.7%
Ram Pickup 468,344 569,389 -17.8%
Toyota RAV4 366,741 407,739 -10.1%
Toyota Camry 295,201 313,795 -5.9%
GMC Sierra 241,521 248,923 -3.0%

I personally think Cybertruck’s comp is Jeep, which sold 181,000. Tesla’s ambition is impressive. But the F-150 foolishness has got to go. Because we are never gonna see an F-150 wrapped as a Cybertruck.