A German startup called Green Akku is selling plug & play solar panels that are hung on garden fences. These portable solar panels are an excellent option for small-scale solar installations in home gardens.

The solar panels are easy to set up. You simply hang and clip them onto the fence, and they start generating electricity. Installations only take five minutes and require no expert knowledge.

The entire solar power system, including solar modules, inverters, and special brackets, costs just $449. For the amount of value you get, this is a steal.

Even better, these solar panels do not require a permit for installation (although this may not be the case for non-German customers). The package comes with all the necessary components to connect the panels to the fence, including the required tools.

Green Akku emphasizes that the vertical attachment of the modules to the garden fence allows for higher yields, particularly when the sun is low on the horizon. This makes the fence system more efficient than roof-mounted systems, especially during peak energy demand in the morning and evening hours.

The kits are complete and flexible, allowing easy attachment to existing fences. This makes the kits adaptable to individual needs.

In addition to selling garden fence solar systems, Green Akku also sells solar panels designed for balconies. These “balcony power plants” enable individuals to produce eco-friendly energy on their balconies while reducing their electricity bills.

The installation process for these balcony power plants is straightforward. The solar modules are placed on balconies, terraces, or roofs and are connected to inverters. The inverters convert the generated direct current into usable alternating current. This electricity can be fed directly into the power grid or temporarily stored in a battery.

Green Akku’s innovative solar solutions cater to different types of homeowners and allow customers to generate more solar power than with rooftop installations. Be sure to check out Green Akku today.

Image Source: pv magazine, https://shorturl.at/bEV19