Excitement among Tesla enthusiasts reached a fever pitch as two fully finished Tesla Cybertruck units were recently spotted loaded onto a distinctive red and white car hauler in the parking lot of Gigafactory Texas. The drone operator, Brad Sloan, captured the intriguing sight in a flyover video posted on his YouTube channel, igniting speculation about the purpose and destination of these futuristic pickups. Although the two visible Cybertrucks showed no signs of camouflage on their bodywork, there remains a shroud of mystery surrounding their ultimate purpose.

The news of these sightings quickly spread through the online Tesla community and caught the attention of renowned Cybertruck follower and occasional spy shot taker, Greggertruck, who shared a screenshot from the video on Twitter. Responding to the tweet, an unidentified individual claimed that the vehicles on the car hauler were media review units. However, skepticism abounds given Tesla’s historical avoidance of traditional mass-media outlets for its vehicle promotion and reviews.

Despite this, it’s worth noting that Tesla CEO Elon Musk has occasionally provided interviews and exclusive inside looks to select media personalities, including Jay Leno and Marques Brownlee (also known as MKBHD). Hence, while the possibility of these Cybertrucks being destined for media reviews isn’t entirely out of the question, it remains an uncertain conjecture.

Among the other plausible scenarios, one hypothesis suggests that these particular Cybertrucks might have completed their testing phase and are on their way to Tesla’s facility in Fremont for further evaluation. Alternatively, they could be heading to different regions of the country for additional real-world testing to gather crucial data and refine the vehicles further.

An equally compelling theory is that these vehicles are the finished products intended for delivery to early customers, indicating that Tesla has successfully transitioned from the pre-production phase to low-volume assembly for delivery-intent units. If this is indeed the case, it would be a significant milestone in the development of the highly-anticipated Cybertruck.

Despite the various speculations, the true purpose of these Cybertrucks remains a well-guarded secret known only to Tesla and its closely involved employees. Elon Musk and his team have maintained a tradition of unveiling surprises and innovative updates, further fueling the anticipation and curiosity among Tesla fans.

Until Tesla officially announces the purpose and destination of these mysterious Cybertrucks, the online community will continue to speculate and eagerly await the next exciting update from the electric vehicle giant. Whether they are destined for media reviews, additional testing, or delivery, there is no doubt that the Cybertruck’s journey is poised to reshape the automotive landscape in the near future.