WAU, a UK startup, has recently revealed a new electric bike called the Cyber. The Cyber is modeled on Tesla’s highly anticipated Cybertruck, a futuristic electric car that’s set to come to market later this year.

While not as famous as the Cybertruck, the Cyber’s eye-catching design is likely to generate excitement. With its aggressive styling, imposing frame, dramatic lighting, and 24-inch off-road tires, the Cyber resembles a muscular dirt bike from the future rather than a conventional bicycle.

However, the Cyber is not just about appearance.

WAU is launching three versions of the bike. The first one features a 250-watt mid-drive motor with a top speed of 15.5 mph. The second one has a 750-watt mid-drive motor with a top speed of 28 mph. The most powerful model comes with a 5,000-watt mid-drive motor and a top speed of 55 mph.

All versions include a 10-speed Shimano gearset. The most potent model, almost resembling a moped and requiring a special license, replaces pedals with footpegs.

Choosing between the different versions depends on the rider’s priorities, particularly concerning range. The 250-watt model’s 48-volt battery can cover up to 200 miles on a single charge. In comparison, the 750-watt model with a 52-volt battery has a range of up to 160 miles. Meanwhile, the 5,000-watt model with a 60-volt battery can go for 60 miles.

Remarkably, all three bikes can still be ridden even after the battery is depleted. All three versions also come with high-capacity battery packs that use Samsung 21700 cells.

The Cyber e-bike is available for pre-order on IndieGogo and has already reached its funding goal. Early bird pricing is still accessible until the end of next week, offering all three models at $2,999. This is $2,000 less than the expected launch price.

Additionally, customers can purchase various add-ons to customize their e-bikes. Deliveries are scheduled to begin in February 2024.

Image source: ForbesLife, https://shorturl.at/bEV19