There’s big news for EV lovers as Chevrolet announces ranges and prices for its 2024 Blazer EV. Chevrolet made an announcement on Monday that included range and price details, as well as details on the Blazer’s timing and availability. The news applies to Blazer vehicles being sold in the US.

The Blazer EV will start being delivered to customers this summer, as promised during last year’s announcement. (Earlier reports claiming that the first Blazer EV had already been shipped to the US appear to have been false.)

As production increases, Chevrolet is also sharing information about the rollout of different trims, range options, and final pricing. Previously, Chevy had announced that the Blazer EV would be available in LT, RS, and SS trims. Chevy also promised that a Police Pursuit Vehicle (PPV) variant would be available.

The Blazer EV will first be introduced this summer with the RS AWD. Dealers will start receiving it in August 2023. The RS RWD and 2LT AWD will begin production in the fall.

Chevrolet has also confirmed that the range-topping Blazer EV SS will enter production in spring 2024, slightly later than initially planned. Meanwhile, the Blazer EV PPV will launch in early 2024, before the regular performance SUV version. This is in line with the original announcement.

More details about the availability of the RS FWD and 2LT FWD variants will be provided closer to their 2024 launch.

Chevrolet has completed its pricing decisions regarding the three Blazer variants that are set to hit the market in 2023. You could be eligible for a federal tax credit of up to $7,500 if you buy a 2024 Blazer EV (regardless of the variant). See below for further details.

Cheapest: 2024 Blazer EV 2LT AWD

The Blazer EV 2LT AWD has a starting price of $56,715, which includes Destination Freight Charges (DFC). It offers various standard features like a 17.7-inch infotainment touchscreen, an 11-inch color Driver Information Center, a heated steering wheel, Evotex seating, heated front seats, heated side mirrors, wireless phone charging, and an AutoSense power liftgate.

The 2LT AWD also includes driver assistance and safety features such as adaptive cruise control, 360 surround vision, and more.

The 2LT AWD will get 279 miles of range on a complete charge, according to a recently acquired EPA certification.

More Expensive: 2024 Blazer EV RS AWD

The Blazer EV RS AWD has a price tag of $60,215 (inclusive of DFC), offering a range of additional features for the added cost. Alongside the features found in the 2LT model, the RS AWD variant brings distinctive design elements like a special grille and gloss black accents.

The RS AWD also includes RS badging, 21-inch wheels with a unique finish, a flat-bottomed steering wheel, and eye-catching exterior lighting effects.

The RS AWD will get 279 miles of range on a complete charge, according to a recently acquired EPA certification.

Most Expensive: 2024 Blazer EV RS RWD

The Blazer EV RS RWD is the most expensive variant, starting at a price of $61,790 (including DFC). This is in spite of the fact that the only difference between the RS RWD and the RS AWD is the former’s inclusion of a Bose audio system.

Chevy anticipates the RS RWD to achieve 320 miles of range on a full charge. Final EPA estimates will be disclosed nearer to the model’s launch date.

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