Australian company UV Solar has installed a rooftop solar system on a Queensland church using frameless solar panels.

To tackle increasing electricity bills, the owners of Rock’s Church desired to have a rooftop solar system. However, the church had an aging roof that had undergone repairs for leakage problems. Therefore, UV Solar decided that a traditional rooftop system was unsuitable.

Instead, the company opted to use GoodWe’s frameless Galaxy 315 W solar panels. These frameless solar panels can be securely attached to the roof surface without drilling, making them suitable for roofs with limited load-bearing capacity and inadequate waterproofing.

UV Solar expressed confidence in GoodWe’s product quality and sales service, emphasizing their long-standing partnership of over four years. According to a UV Power spokesperson, the installation of the frameless Galaxy panels was simple, taking only five minutes.

Apollo Chai, the head of BIPV marketing at GoodWe Australia, stated that the addition of the Galaxy panels to their product lineup offers an ideal solution for rooftops that cannot accommodate traditional solar panels. The Galaxy panels also help commercial property owners to reduce their operational costs amidst rising energy prices.

The newly installed panels are 2,116 mm × 777 mm × 4 mm in size, featuring 1.6 mm ultra-thin glass reinforcement for durability and all-weather protection. Most of the panels are 315 W panels, although one of them is a 335 W model.

Each Galaxy 315 W panel has a power conversion efficiency of 174 W per square meter and a temperature coefficient of -0.35% per degree Celsius. Each panel operates in an ambient temperature range of -40 C to 85 C, with a maximum system voltage of 1,500 V.

GoodWe provides a 12-year product warranty and a 30-year power output guarantee. Their panels are designed to maintain 82% of their original performance after 25 years and 80% after 30 years.

Image Source: Danny Ray Beltran,