In recent months, automotive industry experts have received lots of feedback regarding truckers’ strong preference for electric vehicles. This prompted Canadian automotive consultant James Carter to investigate further.

Carter recently sat down to a conversation with Chris Henry. Henry is the fleet director of Purolator Inc., a prominent Canadian parcel delivery company. In the interview, Carter learned the reasons behind this EV enthusiasm.

According to Henry, here are the top 4 reasons why truck drivers adore EVs.

1) Reduced Noise

Electric trucks operate almost silently, resulting in significantly lower cabin noise than conventional diesel-powered trucks.

Since diesel trucks lack the luxurious interior linings found in most cars, every engine and transmission sound tends to be transmitted to the cabin. By contrast, an ultra-quiet electric drivetrain greatly enhances a driver’s well-being, minimizing fatigue and fostering job satisfaction.

2) Impressive Acceleration

It’s widely acknowledged that EVs boast impressive acceleration, and medium-duty parcel delivery trucks are no exception. The acceleration on electric trucks is so strong that most drivers require reminders to exert gentle pressure on the accelerator. Some drivers even need additional training.

Strong available acceleration assists with merging and maintaining the flow of traffic.

3) Vehicle Stability

Similar to passenger EVs, the inclusion of a heavy, low-mounted battery significantly lowers an electric truck’s center of gravity. This enhances the truck’s handling and stability. It also considerably reduces the risk of rollovers during accidents.

The reduced risk of rollovers is hugely beneficial. Truck rollovers drastically increase the likelihood of severe injuries and fatalities.

4) Environmental Pride

One frequently overlooked benefit of electric trucks is the feeling of pride associated with driving an electric vehicle and, consequently, not contributing to pollution. While drivers of private passenger EVs often have this sentiment, drivers using electric trucks for work feel the same way.


The shortage of truck and van drivers has reached crisis levels in numerous regions, highlighting the importance of retaining valuable staff. By enhancing driver comfort, safety, and satisfaction, electric trucks are a key retention tool in the trucking industry.

Image Source: vincentyu.eth,