The electric mobility revolution is set to have a significant impact on the African continent, particularly in rural areas where transportation services are lacking. The lack of transportation hinders the potential for development and often leads to financial losses. Time-sensitive crops and perishable goods frequently fail to reach the market in a timely manner.

The impracticality of building a large gas station network has hindered transportation progress in rural Kenya. However, recent advancements in solar PV, battery storage, and electric vehicle technologies have opened up new opportunities to change the current situation.

An exciting development in this realm is the launch of the first solar-powered battery charging and swapping hub for rural mobility. The hub is located in Dunga Beach, Kenya, and it was built by the Sun Run partnership. The launch took place on August 1, 2023, and was attended by stakeholders, partners, and the wider community.

The Sun Run partnership is comprised of various entities, most notably E-Safiri. E-Safiri is a Kenyan startup that focuses on distributed micro-generation, temporary power solutions, and charging infrastructure.

Other partners include Glasgow Caledonian University, Sustainable Transport Africa, and KIRI EV. Glasgow Caledonian University is a renowned institution that prioritizes research in its key areas of strength. Sustainable Transport Africa aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Africa’s transport sector. Lastly, KIRI EV is an electric vehicle and mobility startup that seeks to bring world-class innovation to electric vehicles.

The goal of the Dunga Beach project is to offer affordable, reliable, and sustainable transport solutions. The project also aims to provide other beneficial applications of renewable energy, such as cold storage within the fishing community.

Of all the Sun Run partners, E-Safiri is most notable. As an EV charging company, it was at the center of the construction of the Dunga Beach charging hub.

Moreover, E-Safiri’s work is motivated by a genuine love of country. Currently, Kenyans who drive gas-powered cars are spending a third or more of their income solely on fuel. By boosting access to electric alternatives, E-Safiri is making a real difference in improving the quality of life of Kenyans.

E-Safiri strongly emphasizes the inclusion of women in sustainable mobility. E-Safiri encourages women to contribute as operators, riders, and overall beneficiaries of the electric mobility ecosystem. Lastly, the company embodies the entrepreneurial spirit that will improve Kenya’s standard of living.

For all these reasons, E-Safiri is the CER sustainability champion for August 10, 2023. Well done!

Image Source: E-Safiri,