BYD, China’s top automaker, recently issued a compelling call for unity in the country’s automotive industry. In a speech delivered by its founder and Chairman, Wang Chuanfu, BYD urged the country’s major automakers to work together to “demolish the old legends” and take on the world market. As the industry faces increased competition both at home and abroad, this call for unity has become a rallying cry for Chinese automakers to band together and show the world what they are capable of.

In his speech, Wang Chuanfu stated that Chinese consumers have an emotional need to see their own automotive brands succeeding on the global stage. With China quickly becoming a global leader in auto manufacturing, the time has come for Chinese brands to step up and make their mark. BYD, which recently beat Volkswagen to become China’s best-selling automaker, is leading the charge in this call for unity.

The call for unity has not gone unnoticed, with many praising BYD’s visionary leadership in championing a united Chinese automotive industry. However, not everyone is on board. Tesla, who is BYD’s closest competitor in the global electric vehicle sales race, has been critical of the call for unification. It remains to be seen whether other automakers will join BYD’s cause for unity, or whether competition at home will divide the industry further.

China’s automakers are facing a tough market, both at home and abroad. With Tesla starting a price war earlier this year, the industry has been thrust into a race to the bottom, with many automakers struggling to keep up. Additionally, as Chinese automakers expand to global markets, they are facing consumer wariness and regulatory barriers that have made it difficult to break through.

Despite these challenges, the call for unification may mark a turning point for the Chinese automotive industry. As the country continues to make strides in auto manufacturing, a united front could help drive growth and bring Chinese brands to the forefront of the global market. With Chinese consumers increasingly demanding locally manufactured products, the country’s automakers have a unique opportunity to make a name for themselves on the world stage.

The call for unity by BYD is a bold move in a fiercely competitive industry. While some may be skeptical of the call, it has nevertheless started a conversation about the future of the Chinese automotive industry. As Chinese automakers look to expand globally, this may be the push they need to work together and take on the world market. The next few years will be critical for the industry, and it remains to be seen whether the call for unification will be enough to help Chinese automakers reach their goals of becoming a global force in auto manufacturing. Nevertheless, the notion of uniting to “demolish the old legends” is a powerful one, and one that could potentially change the landscape of the industry forever.